Thursday, March 14, 2013

More miscellany

n      One thing to be said for Lent: the fortnightly job of putting out the empties for recycling is easier than at other times of the year.

n      Don’t fail to watch the video Anonymous sent us yesterday. It is of a plane landing at Sumburgh Airport, photographed through the pilot’s window.

n      We enjoyed watching the proclamation of our stout new Pope yesterday. His white cassock fitted as if tailor-made for him: a great credit to the guys backstage. I read somewhere recently that the Pope’s white cassock is of wool. It must be of a splendid fineness, if so.

n      Meg Warren, one of the contributing designers, sent me the ebook of “What Would Madame Defarge Knit" yesterday. I have by no means finished exploring it yet, but am full of excitement. It’s not all French Revolution, for one thing. It is a collection of designs inspired by classic literature. Mme Defarge wouldn't have read much of it (especially if she lacked a good reading knowledge of English) and is likely to have been knitting something else entirely (i.e., she is just one of the classic characters who inspire the designs). I am taken with the idea of knitting Archie the socks based on H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu”. Archie introduced me to Lovecraft recently. He read me a chilling story on one of our drives to the airport.

n      The new VK turned up yesterday, in a plain brown envelope. I don’t think there’s much there for me, but it’s always exciting when one arrives. And what about the Lotus yarns from China therein described? Jimmy Bean’s offers both mink and yak. Scarf, anyone?

n      We’re making some progress with the Surface. My husband likes it. I wonder if Microsoft Word 2010 for Dummies would help? Is that what we’ve got? It is very different from the Microsoft Word I use every day back here in Windows XP, but 2010 sounds rather a long time ago.

n      Virgin Media made a preliminary visit yesterday, and our very cable is now curled up outside the door. Really exciting.


I was going to show you a picture of the Relax but I’ve used up all my blogging time link-chasing. Tomorrow.  I think I’m pretty well on target, size-wise. 


  1. Skein Queen (dot co dot uk) sells the lotus yak if you are interested.
    Are you coming to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival on Saturday? It's in the Old Drill Hall, Leith. It has its own website. Skein Queen will be there so you could fondle the yak if you are keen!

    1. I'll do some serious thinking on this subject today. I feel so old and tired lately -- I'm sure the Festival would reinvigorate, but that still leaves the problem of my husband's lunch.

    2. You could just pop out for the afternoon? I am sure there will still be some yarn left after lunch! :)

  2. Surface has Office 2013. I'm a big fan of "the Missing Manual" instruction books.
    I'm very glad your husband is enjoying his Surface

  3. I am sorry that my Jesuit-educated father isn't alive to see the new pope.

  4. I wonder if they keep white cassocks of all necessary sizes in stock, in case the cardinals vote for a giant colleague?:) and I bet the shoemaker and those, who do all the vestments are doing overtime just now, to finish all the necessary garments for the easter mass!

  5. =Tamar6:54 PM

    Call me cynical, but I suspect that every candidate has robes ready, just in case, just as every politician has an acceptance speech ready.

  6. Enjoyed the Sumburgh landing video! Our trip to Shetland on the ferry was even more exciting - heavy seas tossed that ship around like it was nothing. My husband will never forget feeling weightless.

  7. I saw in one of the papers that the Vatican gets three sets of robes ready when the cardinals go into conclave - small, medium, and large. The tailors must know how big a range of sizes they are likley to be catering for, and there is plenty of scope for safety pins underneath that wide brocade belt.