Sunday, June 27, 2021


Safely back, and we all had a grand time.


I was appalled at what a dead weight I have become. Putting it another way, at how much weaker I am than the last time I was there, nearly a year ago.


On Saturday morning, we went down the commonty, all five of us – for Helen’s dog Farouk was a member of the party. Helen took some pictures which I hope she’ll share. I remember the last time my husband made that journey. C. was there. He sort of gave way on the way back. We brought a chair out from the house for him to sit on for a while. Eventually we got him back to the house and called an ambulance. They came promptly, found blood sugar very low, restored him to the land of the living without having to carry him off. I refused, in the later semi-active months of his life, to take him to Kirkmichael without someone else to back me up.


No such crisis this time, but I found it tough going.


As for knitting, I got round the heel of the Kaffe Fassett sock and started down the foot.


And I’m afraid I greatly enjoyed the downfall of the Minister of Health. During or just after the War, one of the famous radio comedy shows was “Hancock’s Half Hour”. The title has provided many a burst of ribald laughter on social media in the last 48 hours.


  1. So glad you had your weekend at your favorite spot. My further comment - how do I say this re yardsticks in the aging process?

  2. Re Matt Hancock:" Let he that is without sin cast the first stone". So many moral issues raised in the one scenario, social distancing surely the least of these. But to hear Dominic Cummings sniping from the sidelines is sickening...

  3. =Tamar5:38 PM

    Visiting Kirkmichael in fine weather sounds lovely.
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