Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Modern Technology

Daughter Rachel's computer has gone off to some shop, to rectify whatever it was my brother-in-law did to it while trying to set up a wireless network. Meanwhile my sister has discovered that there is another wireless network somewhere so near that she can log on in mid-air from her laptop. It's all too much for me.

I am making pretty good progress with my website, except that I have hit the problem, encountered before, that I upload things, and can see that the file is there on my server's computer, and they don't show up when I log on to my own website. And who knows why? I have learned through painful experience that browsers, at least mine, can't read files with capital letters in their names. But that's not the difficulty this time. And there are no friendly XP-type error messages to help.

Back to Knitting

The jacket sleeve is proceeding swimmingly. Twirling it around in my lap is not as bad as expected (although of course it will get worse) and is more than offset by the sheer joy of completing a round so quickly, after all those weeks of circumnavigating the torso. I even found myself last night wondering if I should carry straight on and knit another Fair Isle, now that I've got the parameters back in my head.

My smart granddaughter Hellie had a look at the Clapotis on-line yesterday, and likes it a lot. Here's (a rather washed-out photograph of) the yarn I have in mind:

Cherry Tree Hill DK Posted by Hello

Since there are clearly far fewer mills in the world than dye-ers, this may even be the precise yarn specified, under a different name. But this will have to wait until the jacket is finished. I will interrupt it to knit a skinny rib scarf in the alpaca when it arrives -- I think I'll go for brioche stitch, as in the latest IK. But that's because there's a deadline. Hellie's Clapotis is under no such compulsion and I will force myself, with difficulty, to wait.


We're going to Argyll tomorrow to visit Alexander and Ketki (and Jamie and Thomas-the-Younger) on the shores of Loch Fyne. Another Blog hiatus, until Friday or Saturday. What a restless pair we are.

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