Wednesday, January 11, 2006

An exciting time of it yesterday. Cyber-friend Helen alerted me to a Rowan kit on ebay. I was interested, although the pattern would appear to be a strong contender for inclusion in You Knit What??. The attraction was all those out-of-date Rowan yarns. I’m not an eBayista, so Helen kindly bid for me -- and we won, thanks to her intrepid holding-back of our bid until the final seconds, at about 8:30 last night. More news, when the package arrives.

Maybe I’d better arrange my purchase into a nice KF pattern for Alexander and stop thinking about Jamieson.

Meanwhile here is the current state of the veil, partially-edged. I had a moment yesterday of wondering whether I should start again again and go around in the right direction (clock-wise). What you see is, strictly, the wrong side of the edging, because I am doing it this perverse way. Then I decided no, it’s fine. There’s a harsh line at the top – did I pick up the stitches from the wrong side, as well? Perhaps. But that will be hidden under a garland, in wear. I’m not going to worry.


I was grateful for yesterday’s comments. As it happens, I have a ball of very fine cotton which I ordered last year as possible material for the Princess shawl – it is the actual stuff Sharon Miller used for the prototype. But Sharon intervened at the eleventh hour, and sent me a ball of her new Gossamer Merino, not yet at that time even for sale on her website. I much prefer wool, and am now happily using that. I had been wondering whether I had to count the ball of cotton as Stash Acquisition. But now it has a role – it will be my ravel cord, and it should be perfect for the task.

The Knibbies

I was most gratified that Mar agreed with my judgement of them, in a comment yesterday. She writes an extremely entertaining Blog herself, it should be mentioned. For the Knibbies, see Joe, and scroll back a bit.


I’ve finished translating all the files of my husband’s magnum opus from their primitive state into Microsoft Word. Now I’ve got to double back and update the ones he has recently updated. He has kept a list. The number of those will be in dozens, at the worst (rather than hundreds). I hope I will be able to get that done, and the CD made, and a covering letter written, in the next few days, leaving next week clear for Strathardle. If the snow has gone. It’s time to put the forcing-pot over the rhubarb, with a roll of the drums: 2006 is starting!

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  1. Hi Jean!
    Thought I would drop by and see what a sweet soul like yourself is doing on her blog. I'm not much of a knitter myself, started a sweater years ago and only finished the back panel. The good news is it became my neighbor's kitty blanket, and the kitten adores it! (Why I hung on to it for 11 years is beyond my comprehension) Btw, we need more posts of your husband modelling. Those strong legs were not hidden beneath the socks, they just emphasized his calf muscles :P