Thursday, February 23, 2006

Calcutta Cup

With Franklin on our side (yesterday’s comment), we can’t lose. Poor England. It hardly seems fair.

Thomas-the-Elder’s girlfriend has gone to South America, or some such continent, for a few months and he is feeling sad. His mother Rachel wrote the other day, “Monica flew off today. Thomas is bereft. Perhaps a strong English victory will help to cheer him up.”

Note, “will” – not even “would”. It would be an understandable, although extreme, remark if England were playing any other Nation – France, Ireland, Wales, Italy, spring to mind. But this is Calcutta Cup week. They’re playing US. It shows the extremes to which a mother’s love can drive a woman.


Look at that – not just twirly and swirly, but a perfect spiral! I am working the combined final-increase and cast-off, and due to the involvement of a second circular needle, it’s utterly easy. I probably should have brought the other needle into play sooner.

Maya and Malabrigo

Yesterday was a day of considerable excitement, and today is likely to be one of extravagance.

Helen wrote to say that she had found “137 yards” pencilled on the label of some old Maya. Those were 100-grams skeins. Well, the Malabrigo which HipKnits has got in, is 135 yards per 100 grams. So it seems safe to assume it’ll knit up the same way, especially since both were dyed by Uruguyan peasant communes. Holly’s comment later in the day confirms the result.

But then I followed Sue’s lead in yesterday’s comment to the Get Knitted site, where Maya is being sold at discounted if not entirely cheap prices. Oh dear.

I suspect what will happen is that I’ll buy some of each. If I followed my husband’s sound principal and asked myself, “What are you going to do with it?”, I would have to reply, Well, one is for a shrug to enter in the Games, and the other is for – oh dear – stash.

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  1. Oh, the Great Stash. Smile.

    That spiral looks good! Can't wait to see more finished objects.

    Knit on!