Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I’ve reached row 140 –so I have turned to the third and final page of the charts for the border of the Princess shawl.

pics 008

The next landmark will be 147, the true two-third’s point. Although finishing-the-current-ball-of-yarn might come sooner. I have amused myself the last few days by rearranging the markers that separate the repeats in such a way that they are now colour-coded to show me where I am in the row. It makes things seem ever so much faster.

Here’s a blurry picture of the Messy Bit I mentioned yesterday. I didn’t, after all, try to improve things when I finally worked my way back there. I think maybe the wisest course will be to thread the yarn through an actual needle and take a stitch, if I still think it’s a good idea, at the blocking stage.

pics 009

And perhaps, in future, not to knit on Sunday evenings. In the Bad Old Days my knitting must have been impervious to cider-drinking but I seem to have lost that skill.


it seems to be one of those mornings when I have nothing to say.

I heard from the seller yesterday of all those VKB’s I bought on Saturday. I will watch for the postman this morning with more than ordinary anticipation, and if I’m lucky a description of No. 10 can be the burden of tomorrow’s essay.

It takes more patience than I have available to find pictures of sweaters on the American Ryder Cup page. Either it was so warm they played in tee-shirts, or it was raining. They must have had different sweaters for each day, too, as the Fair Isles never reappeared. It is nice to think that whoever designed for them knew about the old connection between golf and colourful knits.

And had a sense of humour. All the pictures I have seen of the American WAGs showed them dressed identically – never the same outfit twice, and all very stylish. The European WAGs never seemed to get their pictures taken at all.


  1. Jean, you've just made me feel a lot better. I am working on the Angela wrap, and the fineness of the yarn, even though it's 2-ply as opposed to your gossamer, has come as a shock. I've got a messy YO where I had to tink back and was contemplating ripping to my latest lifeline and reknitting. Now I think I'll just live with a slightly larger hole.

    For the record, no cider was involved!

  2. Anonymous6:11 PM

    The American Ryder Cup Team:
    Opening Thursday: tan golf shirts with Fair Isle vests in shades of browns. Friday: Gray golf shirts with gray and white argyle vests. Saturday: long-sleeved blue shirts with dark blue knitted vests. Sunday: Red golf shirts with thin blue and yellow stripes, some wore dark blue knitted vests. All donned their dark blue dress jackets afterward. We may have played badly the past few years but we do coordinate the wardrobes well.

  3. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Oh my gosh! That shawl is beautiful! It gives me something to strive to do sometime in the near future. (Let's see, after some socks, purses, and baby blankets which I am already committed to finish.)