Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Target un-hit, again yesterday. Casting off 450 stitches purl-wise (or however many it was – somewhere in that ball park), is not done in half-an-hour. But it's finished -- that part is finished -- although the hat isn't started. I like what I’ve got. I’m particularly pleased with those neat mitered corners.

My initial reaction, contemplating it like this, is to think no collar after all, and perhaps simply lengthen the sleeves to mid-forearm without shaping. I’ve got the ASJ-revisited pattern out, from Knitter’s Fall 2000, in which the sleeves are tapered to a garter stitch cuff. So I might do that, keeping the sleeves on the short side. I had originally thought to shape them and end with a ribbed cuff which would harmonise with the ribbed collar.

Decisions, decisions. This is a good moment to stop and knit that watchcap.

Comments, etc.

Janet sent me a jigzone.com puzzle to do this morning. Art, rather than knitting. It was fun. It was Helen C.K.S who launched me down that particular primrose path – she’s got some good ones in her sidebar. Knitting, rather than art.

Janet (again), when I first read your Pearl Harbor comment, I thought one or the other of us must be remembering the time wrongly. Time zones always give me trouble. But then I worked it out – your 5pm EDT would be 4 or even 3 in Detroit, and that’s how I remember it, mid-afternoon.

No more electronic gaming comments, but I had a rambling financial one this morning.

A friend is coming to lunch today – art, rather than knitting – and although it is only going to involve a hearty soup and some French bread, I had better go start faffing about.


  1. JennyS9:54 AM

    I love those watercolour stripes :-)

  2. Dawn in NL10:34 AM

    Hello Jean,

    Reading through the last week's posts about taking Vit.D I remembered that you are taking alendronate for osteoporosis, aren't you? If so, you should have been prescribed Vit. D and calcium at that time. Mind you, my mother's GP didn't until I suggested that she mention it to him, he said "good idea" and prescribed it for her.

    Just back from the santa run to Dunfermline - 9 children. They got handmade toys this year but not knitted ones.

    Your ASJ is looking great.


  3. The ASJ is lovely. I hope that you will post a photo of yourself in it, I think that we would all like to see it on you.

  4. I feel the line between ASJ and Art seems very thin.
    The sweater looks terrific, and the stripes are very lively indeed.
    Congratulations - I know it isn't finished, but the end is in sight.
    Lisa in Toronto

  5. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I really like the ASJ. What wonderful planning with the colours.
    Ron in Mexico

  6. Gerri in St Paul3:38 PM

    Yes, yes, love your ASJ! Great color choices.

    I do think I'd skip the collar. For me, I'd what some taper to the sleeves. I haven't knit one but I'm not sure I would like a very wide sleeve at a very short length. Seems like it won't add warmth but might still feel "in the way."

  7. It is so lovely Jean- the colors are stunning.

    Have you seen the newest EZ pattern-- for the "Little Green Sweater?" I think I might make it, since it is in a light (sport) weight wool. It could work as a winter jacket here.... but now you are making me drool over the surprise jacket... maybe I make one of those?

  8. It really is looking lovely. If you don't taper the sleeves will they get in the way - or won't that bother you? (I do not like things flapping around me - but that might be because I am short, fat little cat.)

  9. =Tamar3:09 AM

    Excellent planning on the ASJ colors. The neck doesn't look so wide as it did before, for some reason.