Thursday, December 16, 2010

No weather to speak of in Edinburgh yet – it’s warm (for the season) and somewhat wet, this morning. The horrendousness predictions have been pushed a few hours forward. Jam yesterday and jam tomorrow.

I always get into a state about Christmas, especially when I have to “do” it. This will be the first time in some years, for that. But I have never, ever got this near the Day without knowing what kitchen I am going to be cooking in. And how am I going to feed all these people, not just on the Day? James and his family are due on Sunday; Helen and hers, not until Wednesday.

Things will seem better when daughter and daughter-in-law get here. Both are strong and cheerful and utterly competent. Cathy gets it from her mother, somewhat, I think. Helen certainly doesn’t get it from hers.

Meanwhile I must start making lists. And I can also make cranberry sauce ( and brandy butter and will feel better for having them done. I could do some wrapping. I sent some packages off yesterday, including Matt’s socks. That’s the post office finished, more or less. I also finished off the present-buying, except for…

There’s always a lurking “more or less” and “except for” this time of year.

Today I will phone C. to find out how she is getting on, and whether she is ready for a visit from my husband.

And meanwhile, I went on with Cathy’s sock. Mundi, you are right that colour helps in dark December. It took me a long time to grasp that.

Cathy has the smallest feet of anyone on my sock list, and I have skipped Oliver-ing (Ravelry link) this time in the interests of speed. So you never know.

Still haven’t looked at that DVD.


  1. I bought Oliver after seeing it here. However, my laziness has interfered with ever trying it out, since my plain socks require no pattern following. Maybe in the New Year.

  2. Good for you to tick the post office off your list. That's a big hurdle yet to be surmounted here. Yesterday the wait was 35 minutes and stamps were our only purchase. Parcel posting awaits.

  3. Your food question is the very one I keep asking myself! We will have 12 people staying under our roof over the holidays, plus my son and daughter-in-law here during the daytime to bring the hungry mouths total up to 14. I am thinking about the kinds of dishes that easily feed a crowd- spaghetti, tacos or taco salad, and chili. We also have established a tradition of having a "cook-off." Everyone gets paired off and makes one part of the meal. It is a lot of fun! The kitchen is a disaster and the trip to the grocery store to stock up on the needed food items costly, but we have a great time.

    Of course, it doesn't stop with the main meal does
    it? I suppose they will want breakfast and lunch too. Help...! :-)