Monday, April 18, 2011

I have an early hair appt this morning – Look Tidy for Easter – so not much time here.

I’ve advanced to row 10 of the mourning shawl border. A bit of stitch-count trouble yesterday, nothing serious. I hope to have pictures soon, including the Fleegle part which is currently somewhat untidy. In all the anxiety at the very beginning I wasn’t as careful as I might have been about tugging the ends when I introduced the new ball and subsequently changed yarns. There was every danger, too, in those first few rows, of introducing a Moebius twist even if there wasn’t one in the first place.


Angel, I can’t get your T-mobile video to load [comment yesterday]. It seems to be trying, but doesn't get anywhere. I’ll try again later. It sounds to me, in general, as if the USofA is keener on the forthcoming wedding than we are, at least we here in Scotland. St Andrews, understandably, is full of it.

I had a good session with “27 Wives” yesterday. I have nearly finished scanning the second wife. The first one died young, leaving a couple of children who passed to the care of her capable successor, a formidable pioneer woman named Mary Ann Angell. I am nearly up to the page on which, “on June 15, 1842, aged 39, again big with child, she stood before Joseph Smith and placed in her husband’s hand the hand of a girl of 20, saying clearly and steadily that she freely gave this woman to be married to her husband”.

I looked at publishing options a bit, and rescued your valuable comment from Google’s spam collection, Gail: they do make mistakes sometimes. Kristie, my browser turns out to be too primitive for publishing in Kindle format (or even finding out much about doing it that way). I’ll keep that one in mind. And talk it over with Alexander at the weekend.


  1. Here Jean is the you tube link- maybe it will load more easily...

  2. I am really looking forward to the wedding even though I'll have to get up early!
    It's a little bit of Britain for those of us who aren't there any more!

  3. Gail (nosenabook)7:10 PM

    I'm glad the links were useful, I was afraid it might be too much information! But there are a lot of people doing similar things, it seems.