Monday, August 22, 2011

Fourteen rows in (of 190) to the Mourning shawl centre, and about half-way through “MCRM”. So I may have some finished letters to show you tomorrow. The pattern, so far, is not as difficult as I anticipated: lots of double YO’s for which, on the return row, one has to knit into the back of the second stitch. Perfectly do-able.

We’ve decided to go to Strathardle tomorrow rather than today – I still have my hair to wash, and spare room beds to make up (Hellie and nice Matt will be here, as in previous years, for a bit of Festival before and after the Games) and, with luck, more paper work to tidy up. It has been much neglected lately.

An anxious day yesterday on the iPad front. It wouldn’t talk to the world. All attempts to go anywhere – Amazon, specifically – took me to an unwanted site called, I think, BTFON where the idea was to sell me something. Mail wouldn’t download. It wouldn’t sync with the desktop computer even when plugged in to a USB port.

James told me how to reboot, and I did that. For a few minutes all was well, and then it lost hold of the internet again. And I couldn’t find the Kindle app.

But all is well this morning, without a further rebooting. Kindle, I now know, is there to the right – just brush the other icons aside. I’ve got Gibbon, who looks rather daunting. I don’t know about footnotes yet. I have been thinking of Anita Desai and find that Amazon will let me download the first few pages of “The Zigzag Way” for free. That sort of makes up for not having a real bookshop within striking distance.

I think I’d better get “iPad for Dummies”, though. I need something on paper. And I think I’m now brave enough to set out to find “Goodreader” which several of you were enthusiastic about in those helpful comments last week.


  1. Btfon is some kind of BT internet connection, as far as I know. When we got the BT connection, I had to get a little plastic thing that plugs in for my ancient PC, and after a fair old battle, it comes up connected when I turn it on. However, during the battle, it used to offer me a choice of:
    Our Hub
    Next door's Hub
    Next door-the-other-side's Hub
    Something else
    BTFon - which was a free open connection not needing a password - with so little power that it wouldn't have been connected if I tried it. I had to hve several goes before it would automatically go to our own hub, but there was no such problem with my netbook, nor with my OH's Mac.
    There has got to be some way of telling the Ipad to choose the usual connection first; just a case of where is that particular button?

  2. Hope the ipad is performing for you today - I love my kindle - although a great book loving friend disapproves. when will the edinburgh book festival have e-books for sale in their book shop? I was wondering if you had been along - I do like to look at the books there (although this is best done without two small children in tow), as it would seem to be fairly near to you...