Sunday, September 02, 2012

Two new followers!

My husband had a low-blood-sugar episode in the night, for no reason either of us can think of, and isn't going to attempt Mass this morning.

I think I can say that I made a little more progress with Life yesterday – some ironing, some picture-shifting, a walk in the afternoon. And, at least tentatively, a Knitting Plan.

I have been feeling the teensiest bit tired of socks. Is it not time to knit that Dried Rose madelinetosh DK? Yesterday’s leap forward was the decision to use it, not for the Effortless, not for Vitamin D, not for that thing with the twisted front from a recent DK, but for the Mitred Cardigan in Knit One, Knit All. The one that Medrith Glover and Cully reconstructed from EZ’s sketchy notes.

We shall see. It sounds tricky, but I’ve done Round the Bend and the Adult Surprise, and endless baby ones. I love EZ’s mitres. I’ll have a go.

It begins with a wide garter stitch band which runs all the way around the body, starting at the lower edge, up the front and around the back of the neck, down the other front and around the back, finally meeting the cast-on end to which it is then grafted. Then the part in the middle is filled in with st st stitch and the sleeves somehow added.

Ravelry knitters seem happy with it. Someone said it’s not as difficult as it sounds, if you take it step by step. Someone else ran out of yarn and was perfectly happy with it as a vest. I had a wee bit of trouble finding it, by the way. “EZ mitred cardigan” produced only the Baby Surprise, but a search for “Knit One, Knit All” came up with a page of patterns and there it was, called “Mitred Cardigan”. Odd.

So last night I wound a skein of Dried Rose. Two moth breaks and one knot. It'll be all right while I'm knitting the garter stitch band, because joins can be kept at the inside edge.

I am not quite finished with the 2nd Italian sock – about 1/3rd of the way around with my non-tubular bind-off. I tried the first one on Hellie while I had her at the Games, and it fits fine. So tonight I will finish that, insh’Allah, and cast on the next pair of socks. That’s going to involve Judy’s Magic Cast-On again. I hope I can take a quiet half-hour in the afternoon to do it.

Then, once those socks are well started, I’ll put them in the emergency-and-waiting-room bag, where I always have a pair of socks on the go, and turn to madeleinetosh.

(I had nine of my surviving twelve grandchildren at the Games, and completely forgot to take a new “Various Grandchildren” pic for my sidebar. What an opportunity lost! I might have that many together on the shores of Loch Fyne at Christmas, and won’t let another chance go.)


Thank you for the encouragement on garlic-growing. And that is a good idea, Mary Lou, to scatter some papaver somniferum seed next year, just in case.


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    I am glad you are going to try that sweater. I keep looking at and want to do it myself. I hope you inspire me. Good luck.
    Ron in Mexico

  2. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I went to Meg's knitting camp this summer and saw the mitred was really pretty. The sweater that many of us came home inspired by was the "Icelandic Overblouse" which is knit from unspun Icelandic yarn. I just finished is so warm and practical.

    The funny thing is I would never have chosen it from the photos in the book, but seeing it in person and trying it on sent me off to start it. I'll post a photo on Ravelry soon.

    Barbara M. In NH

  3. I am up to knitting my second sock on the Knitmore Girls Plain Vanilla Sock (on ravelry). I am NancyArtCrafts on ravelry and will look you up there, too. Seems you have a lot of knitting going on.

    Hope your husband is doing ok today with his blood sugar!

  4. skeindalous3:24 PM

    That cardi is lovely! Hope you get much pleasure from the kntting.

  5. Anonymous10:59 PM

    re: the search in Ravelry - you need to type "Mitered Cardigan" (with an extra E) and it shows up. The BSJ shows up with both spellings. A "tagging" oddity, maybe.