Wednesday, June 07, 2023

I have indeed felt much better since the last amoxicillin went down. Today is the last one of my sister’s visit. We are sitting about at the moment, in relatively clean clothes, about to go out to supper at a favourite local restaurant, L’Escargot Bleu. Helen and Archie will join us.

All sorts of things have been happening. Cramond has room for me at the end of the month, and I am booked in from the 25th. I’ll miss my cats. I have been persuaded rather against my better judgement to employ live-in care for the interim, starting on Monday. It will be a comfort to have someone here at night, certainly. AND we heard from the NHS this morning that the hip operation has been scheduled for a date in July, with a preliminary assessment session any moment now.

I’ve knit a row and a bit, not enough to count.

Wordle: a bit of a stinker again today. Stinkers have been coming thick and fast lately. Thomas, Ketki, Theo and I scored four, and nobody did better. Nobody failed, though: five for Alexander, Rachel, and Mark; six for Roger. I deeply disapprove of Monday’s ENNUI l though I got that one, too, in four.


  1. Mary Lou5:19 PM

    Happy to hear from you! Also happy to hear the amoxicillin helped and you will get support until the surgery. Perhaps your temporary carer will be a knitter, as well. Today’s wordle was indeed a stinker. Took me five tries, the last three had 4 greens….

  2. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Yay, a surgery date (more or less) and all other arrangements made, I have been checking midday which is not my usual habit, and have been rewarded. I agree ENNUI was a stinker. But certainly seen in English usage. Keeps everyone on their toes. Of course I do not play so easy for me to say! Chloe

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM

    All good news. Will Helen interview the person who will take care of things while you're away?

  4. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Things have certainly been moving forward . All good news . Enjoy supper tonight 😀

  5. It will take a bit of adjustment to share your space with someone but you will be able to find the positives in the situation. And you have enough space to be able to take a breather from one another if needed. It will take the pressure off Helen, too.

  6. Whoo, a lot happening all at once for you... knitting can be a constant in the midst of all the change. Sounds as if the live in carer won't be with you for too long before you go and stay at Cramond, if that's any consolation.
    I didn't do wordle yesterday. To my surprise and disgust I got today's Wordle in three. I put the third word in just to test for a letter; I didn't consider it to be a 'real' word.

  7. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Phew! I was seriously considering sending Helen a message and offering to prowl over and keep a paw on you!

    1. Sorry - has come up as anonymous for some reason. It's Cat from Downunder

  8. =Tamar11:27 PM

    Action! That's a speedy appointment. I think knitting a whole row and more definitely counts. Perhaps it was the amoxicillin lowering your energy.

  9. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Lots of progress for you, glad to hear it. Wordle in three for me today but I didn't like it either, even less than the other day's ennui.