Sunday, May 08, 2005

I didn't sew those buttons on. (I will this evening, I really will.) I got to the first ladder in the Clapotis and it was such fun that I pressed on to the second. The yarn doesn't want to ladder; it has to be helped -- but that's fun, too. The ladders are on the corner to the right, and you can't really see them in the picture.

We've decided to take an extra day here, and go back to the country on Tuesday. It was an exciting week, one way and another, and I feel I didn;t get much forrad'er with the business of life, such as ironing and paying bills.

I am being beseiged by a virus -- a worm, strictly -- called W32.sober.O. It's one of those ones that sends copies of itself to all the addresses it finds on the infected computer. This sort of thing is perhaps slightly worse for people like me with their own domain name -- the wretched thing can make up addresses and I have to receive anything sent to

I'm not infected myself. At the moment, Norton is set to tell me every time it finds an incoming virus. I can probably change that if I exert myself. The trouble with this one is that I'm getting batches of 50 or more, several times a day. While we're here, it's just irritating. But when we go away on Tuesday. my mailbox will soon get stuffed full. I'll try writing to demon, but I doubt if there's anything they can do. I used to get quite a few viruses in my Knitlist moderating days, addressed to Knitlist-owner. Life has been peaceful since then -- until this.

Still no Knitting magazine. Something must be wrong. I can't imagine there's much I want to see in a summer issue, but I've got every copy since they started and I'd be sorry to break the chain.


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