Monday, May 30, 2005

Vive La France!

...and you don't often catch me saying that.


TWO, from Friday the 27th of May.

Barbara, I tried to write to you. I still haven't got this comment thing straight -- the system seemed to be offering my own email address ( for me to reply to. Yes, I've got the Princess Shawl pattern and, as I said yesterday, I am utterly mystified as to why it shouldn't be available now. It is published in loose sheets (beautifully and meticulously presented) -- I would assume that all that is needed is to crank up a rather superior computer printer and run off another copy. It must have cost Sharon months of work. Why withdraw it? As I said yesterday, I have emailed her to ask.

Judith, thank you for your advice on the Clapotis. Anyone who is thinking of ever knitting this rather fun project should read Judith's remarks. They came just after I had done the first repeat of decrease rows. I have enough yarn, I think, to add at least one repeat to the centre section and seriously considered frogging and doing it. In the end, I didn't. Laziness, eagerness to finish, whatever. I ought to be able to do some fiddling at the blocking stage (the last refuge of the lazy knitter).

That's about it. There was a good article on blogging in the Independent on Sunday yesterday, about posting pictures. The nub of the problem is that Blogger itself, a free service, doesn't host pictures, so they have to go somewhere else with a link. The article may have the answer. Once current commitments abate, I'm really going to take blogging in hand.

Good progress on the Clapotis yesterday.


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