Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Back to the doorstep lettuce...

The trough really isn't big enough. I've taken one substantial picking of both lettuce and rocket (arugula). The lettuce is growing back nicely. This time I'll let it get a bit bigger before I pounce. The rocket, however, was starting to flower so I pulled it all out and sowed some more. Well within a week, it happily appeared.

It's distressingly hot here. What must it be for folk who really live in hot places!


I had a rare moment of insight yesterday -- the key number for the understanding of the Princess Shawl edging pattern is 4. Having grasped that, I'm a giant step further on towards learning the whole thing. (Is it in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" that the Answer to Everything is revealed to be 43?) I'm now nearly at the end of repeat #28. I did slightly more than two yesterday, a personal best, I think.

And got that sleeve finished and attached to the striped Koigu, and the second sleeve started.

Rebecca, thank you for your lovely comment yesterday. Alas, however, you will never be able to buy a lot of Kaffe's kits -- they don't make them any more,perhaps having grown weary of seeing them all end up in the sales and from there in the hands of skinflints like me. Sadder yet, Rowan doesn't offer anything like the range of colours that Kaffe designed for them, so that a great many of his classic designs now can't be reproduced. I'm sure the master himself would regard this as a trivial difficulty. Collect yarn! (Don't we all?) Be inventive! The best range of colour that I know of in a single yarn is Jamieson & Smith's Shetland. One could start with that and add bits of other interesting yarns -- the master mixes qualities as well as colours with great verve.

Some Kaffe on my website:



I've knit quite a bit more Kaffe than that, but that's all that seems to have made it on-line.


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    yes, well, close, it is the hich hikers guide... that states that the answer is 42 - and then concludes that the question and the answer exclude each other, because you can only know about one and not the other at the same time(I'll love the way he explains it because it's all about quant physics here in this part of the book:-))

    Not to mention the fact that the hich hikers... is a triology consisting of 5 (five) books:-))

    it's always intresting to learn other knitters strategy when it comes to master a challenging pattern

    in hot and humid gothenburg
    (still waiting for Sharon Miller's ring shawl pattern although I'm having fun with other knitting stuff during the mean time)

  2. Lovely stuff, Jean! I too made many of the KF stuff. Thanks for sharing them.