Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Big Day

All our hopes are focussed on London not getting the Olympics. Wipe the false smile off Tony's face, save years of expense and disruption, get the G8 off to a really bad start.

Edinburgh was quiet yesterday. We went to lunch with my husband's sister, which involved a bus ride through the city centre. No probs. The action seems to be shifting to Auchterarder itself, although we do have a Live 8-type concert scheduled for this evening. Our butcher had his windows smashed on Sunday -- they seem to have been fixed, but I presume he'll leave the boards up all week, in which case I can take a picture of them for tomorrow.


Good progress, despite disaster yesterday. I spread the Princess Shawl edging out on my knee and discovered a mistake so egregious that ripping was the only possibility -- I had somehow changed direction in mid-flight, presumably mis-reading the Peg It board as I sat down and going straight from row five to row 16 (or perhaps from 15 to six), fudging a couple of misplaced stitches and gamely knitting on. I had to rip out nearly a day's work. But I did a surprisingly successful pick-up, and all the unravelled-y yarn has now been re-knit. I'm on repeat no. 18 (of 85). If this were a square shawl, I would nearly have finished one side. At some unnoticed moment, I must have passed a critical point -- I think I'm committed to this thing now.

And the right shoulder of the Striped Koigu has now been joined. With a bit of luck, the left one will achieve that status today, and the first sleeve will be started.

And I did indeed get Thomas the Elder's second sock to the toe-shaping point, or near it, at last night's committee meeting. My new eye is not as good as the old ones at counting rows in a sock, never easy with any eyes.



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  1. sorry to hear about London getting the Olympics, for your sake. Coming from a city that got the olympics (2002), i was glad that i was out of the country for at least some of the construction (moved back here in 99). In all, for us, it didn't turn out that bad. Our light rail system got extended at a much faster rate than they had done the previous legs, the 'improved' the freeway system, and any locals left because they were worried it would be too crazy, so traffic wasn't bad. Since my workplace bordered on the athletes village, getting to and from there was a little challenging, but since i walk to work, i survived. i hope it turns out to also not suck for you.