Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Five repeats to go – this afternoon’s hospital appt might just finish off the centre panel.

missalicefaye, I suggested slipping the edge loops onto a needle a few at a time because I thought they’d be easier to knit, if they were on one; and because it might be easier to get the count right if the two operations, the picking-up and the knitting, were kept separate.

Anyone who follows the link to missalice’s blog will see some beautiful lace knitting.

Susoolu, I tried to leave a comment on your blog yesterday embracing you as a sister across the miles, who knows what “decimate” means. Haloscan swallowed it, I think. I abandoned Haloscan myself when Blogger went beta. How do you stand on “beg the question”?

Tricia, I would very much welcome a report on Malabrigo lace-weight at Stash Yarns. Not that I need yarn. Not that I’ve got time to knit it. I’ve just had a look at their website. Clearly, some wonderful stuff. How can you bear it?


Not much else. I had a chance to talk to a local vegetable gardener yesterday – a good one. He says it’s been a very funny year. He’s had patchy germination too.

I hope we’ll get back to Strathardle soon. Today’s hospital appt is the last actual impediment on our calendar, and Wimbledon has made great inroads on the ironing. It’s like an annual visit from Rumpelstiltskin.


  1. "Beg the question" - isn't that something only politicians say?

    And yes, hope all the waiting around in hospitals (and appointments) goes well. And then a quick return to Strathardle, for we must know how Sam the Ram is doing, in preparation for competition. (Will he be having a buttermilk bath?)

  2. Mary Lou1:48 PM

    "Beg the question" more like something politicians misuse. It does irk me, but it's far too early on a holiday morning for me to attempt cleverness by trying to frame this as something that truly begs the question.

  3. I spent a few minutes admiring missalice's site. I shall return for a longer exploration.
    I am still attempting to find a pattern with which to recreate a grey, WW11 shawl, which was knitted for my sister.
    It was not delicate. I recall that there was some "yo"-type stitches, but was intended as an everyday garment.
    What is the date of the Strathardle competition?