Saturday, July 07, 2007

Seven Seven Seven

The edging proceeds nicely. That first corner isn’t far off. I am eager to see how it looks with edging on both sides.

I continue enthusiastic about the yarn, Yarn Yard's new merino lace. Pleasant to work with, nice on the hand, and the colour variations are just right for lace.

And that's that, for actual knitting for today.

I think there are both a Knitter’s and a IK out there in the void trying to find me, and the Yarn Yard club July yarn has been delayed by Woolfest. The post office is having a sort of strike, and things are very odd in that department.

Anonymous of Toronto, thank you very much for the explanation of why people have been googling on “Margaret Velard”. I didn’t think they could really be interested in my quarrel with her about the plural of “virus”. The Kauni cardigan to which you provided the link, is tempting indeed. I’ve just printed it out.

Now that I don’t read a general knitting forum (Knitlist, Knit U, whatever) I sort of miss knowing at least the names of the patterns that Everybody’s Knitting.


I saw the last set of the sensational upset in women’s tennis yesterday. Good fun. I also caught part of the interviews afterwards. The loser was grim, as well she might be, and talked tennis jargon about ground strokes and raising one’s game. The winner, in an enchanting French accent – and I’m not, in general, terribly keen on France – said “Maybe I play well because Pierce Brosnan was there. Maybe he come tomorrow.”

Venus Williams, who will probably win the final today, often has a similarly engaging air of not taking things entirely seriously.

A more serious comment on current affairs: I sort of get the impression that in Iraq a suicide car bomber drives to his chosen destination and then blows himself and his car up. None of the three cars involved in the London and Glasgow episodes last week actually exploded, not even the one in Glasgow airport which was thoroughly on fire.

This seems clumsy and inefficient. And yet the newspapers, which still devote pages to the subject every day, blame Al Qu’aeda.


  1. It appears that the US media have taken to referring to any and all terrorist acts as the work of "al Qaeda", unquestioningly accepting the government's assertions to that effect. Because this seems to inflate the size and scope of bin Laden's organization (to make it appear to be something like SPECTRE in the Bond series), it plays well into government designs to keep us fearful and unquestioning. I only fear that most people are sheep enough to believe it.

  2. Jean,

    You may be interested in this article and have a look at the end to see what the writer used to do (you can probably guess while reading too).