Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hooray -- pictures today!

Carlarey (comment yesterday), bless you and thank you. I’ve got KF’s “Family Album”. That sounds like a very good price. Maybe you should snap it up, and offer it on eBay.

I finished the second cuff of the gansey, and am knitting the neckband, gussets and all. I found Brown-Reinsel a bit hard to follow at this point. The book in general has a slightly padded feeling, as if the material had to be stretched to make it fill a whole book, and this can make it perversely difficult to find exactly what you need.

There are three kinds of neck gussets: the triangular, which I am doing, I think; the inverted triangular, which I am not eligible for since it can only be used with bound-off shoulder seams, and I’ve got a shoulder strap; and shoulder-strap gussets, which I don’t understand.

I’m doing a rolled neck, which B-R likes with a garter-stitch welt, which I’ve got.

I’m very pleased on the whole, except that photography has revealed a slight change of colour in the top bit, when I switched from circular to back-and-forth. I expected a change of tension at that point – but not this.

On the left, yesterday's picture, taken with the paradigm-sweater. On the right, today's, photographed from the other side. The front view shews a much more striking change of colour.

The whole thing will have to be washed when it’s finished. I’ve been working on it for over a year. Maybe the two-tone effect will vanish then.

Meanwhile, on with LibraryThing. I have solved my own problem: if you click on the word “Author” at the top of the author column, the arrangement becomes alphabetical. So that’s fine. The picture shews a bookcase we had made to fill an otherwise useless space -- five whole shelves tall enough and deep enough to hold the most extravagant knitting book!
I'm working my way from the top down, and am a shelf-and-a-half further than when I took this picture yesterday.

Apparently there is a way I can put a link in the sidebar here to allow people to search my library. That would be a good deal more interesting, I feel, than six random book covers. I’ll look into it. I’ve entered more than 100 books by now, and am cantering along.


  1. Glad to see you are enjoying The Library Thing.

  2. Well, being a nosey person I went and had a look at your virtual bookshelf on, you've got more knitting books than me!