Monday, October 22, 2007

I finished my swatch. I love the look and the feel of this stuff, and am eager to get started. I’ll run the new gauge through Garment Styler today, and pack everything up nicely for our next trip to Strathardle. I've got a picture ready to show you, but Blogger doesn't like pictures this morning.

Having done that, I added a few rows to The Earth Stripe Wrap. I heard from the Spinning Fishwife this morning that Jenner’s is closing its yarn dept – 50% off everything, including Rowan. There is one colour of KidSilk Haze which will clearly need replenishing, and others which I might like to top up. I’ll try to schedule a visit.

Maureen in Fargo, fraternal it will be, for the KF socks. I realised yesterday that the subsequent pair, for Alexander, in the other colorway I bought that day, will have to be fraternal, because in recent years I have at last hit upon one economy I can practice in the yarn-buying area: I now buy only 100 grams for gents’ socks, and finish off the toes with something from the oddball bag. So I won't have enough to allow myself the luxury of unwinding yards and yards in search of the second starting-point.

I have an appointment to get my flu jab tomorrow. As I remember, one is required to sit quietly for a few minutes afterwards. I should get Rachel’s second sock cast on, at least.

And now to update Ravelry on my recent activities…


  1. So Jenners is actually closing the yarn dept.? They were still telling people that they were only changing yarn suppliers a week or so ago. Strange.

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Oh dear, I have been making a point of visiting JLewis and Jenners on my recent trips home, I never make it along to the other end of Princes street, so one less shop for me.

    Do you think there will be anything left of the sale by the time I visit in early Dec?

    No matter either way, I will survive it. (I haven't had time for much knitting recently).

    All the best,