Sunday, March 07, 2010

Janet put me right in her comment yesterday – Schoolhouse sell both “Knitting in Art” and “Knitting Art”. So they might have foreseen the confusion and taken steps to prevent it. I have still heard nothing from them – I didn’t really expect action on a Saturday, but the time difference means that my email, subject line “order mixup”, was waiting for them when they got to work on Friday morning. Or maybe it got lost in cyberspace.

Apart from anything else, the book I ordered and paid for costs nearly twice as much as the one they sent me. Continued silence next week will produce something like crossness from here.

(Janet, you have all my sympathy for the horrors of moving house. I had almost forgotten them. I’m sure it will be worth it in the end, but oh, dear.)

The Grandson has been cast off and tidied up. I have knit one facing and pinned it in place, and am about half-way through the other one. They really aren’t necessary, but having got this far I’ll finish. Tonight’s session should polish off the job. The neck looks curious – it ends with eight rounds of k2, p2 which sort of flop outwards instead of pulling in. I’m pretty sure the neck will soon be lowered, but Joe might as well see the result as specified by the designer, and decide for himself.

I retreated again to Ketki’s sock for the end of the evening. I mean to do an “Oliver” –shaped instep (Ravelry link), as for my husband’s bedsocks last year. Reading through the pattern at bedtime, I lost my way entirely. This morning, reading the account in Meg’s “Knitting” of a similarly-shaped instep, I think I’ve got the idea again. My husband actually mentioned, spontaneously, how well his bedsocks seem to fit. Egyptian Cynthia uses the technique for all her socks – I don’t see why I shouldn’t follow her plan.

So now that I think I’ve got it in my head, I’ll have to keep at the socks before it slips away again. No hardship.

Anonymous, thank you very much indeed for the link to the Lizard Ridge afghan pattern on Knitty. The pattern itself attributes the short-row wavy-stripe technique to Barbara Walker. I haven’t looked that up yet, but I will. I’m pretty sure we have something here very similar to the stitch-pattern of Theresa’s beautiful jacket. I will tell you more when I start swatching – that will happen this very week, insh’Allah.

We have, this morning, embarked on Calcutta Cup week, which will end with the annual rugby match between Scotland and England. I have knitted something to mark each of Scotland’s last three victories, in 2000, 2006, and 2008 (no time, just at the moment, to dredge up the pictures). This year I have promised a sweater for James-the-Younger, if it should happen again. It is most unlikely, but all three of those victories were unlikely.


  1. I've been all about the Oliver-shaped sock in a toe-up construction lately. To the point of really wanting to write up a bit of a tutorial on how I do them. Not that they're particularly difficult, but there are certainly people out there who like to have it all spelled out.

  2. I didn't receive an answer from Schoolhouse Press on an order a few months back. I finally called them and was told that they were having internet problems. Eventually I did get an answer. I would give them a few extra days.

  3. "The Grandson has been cast off and tidied up." Yikes Jean, I don't know what it's like in Scotland, but you could get into serious trouble in Connecticut for doing that to a child - even a relative. Lol