Monday, September 05, 2011

Little to report. I’ve done 94 rows of the Mourning Shawl centre – one short of half-way. The remaining-stitch count is perfect on the right. On the left there are three extra stitches, a legacy somehow I feel sure of the stitches I dropped some inches ago and my feeble efforts to get back on track. I’ll slip in some extra double-decreases. I’ve started the digits for “2011”.

Thank you for the comments on “entreknits”. I was glad to have my impression confirmed – that it can’t be had on an iPad – by younger and sharper minds. Wren, I tried clicking on your name, as I often do with comments, and got only to a screen that said your profile had been withheld.

I spent an entertaining few moments Googling “wren blog knitting”. Are you jenwren? Blogduwren? Littlejennywren? Grandmotherwren? Smalltownwren? Perhaps even wreninthelibrary? Probably not blogduwren.

On Saturday there was a major spread in the Telegraph magazine about a forthcoming knit-your-own-cat book. I can let that one go. “Knit Your Own Royal Wedding” is enough for 2011. But the cats were extremely ingenious. I put the pages in my Knitting Oddities file, and thought, as I did so, that I could bring out some of the treasures therein on mornings like this when there is nothing to say.

But I’ve spent so much time chasing wrens that I can’t even do that, today.


I remarked the other day that none of us had entered the Pillow Fight at the Games this year. Alexander sent a one-word email yesterday – “Nonsense!” – with this link. You can see what I mean about violence.

Here is this year’s group picture, looking rather attenuated.

There are three sweaters knit by me there -- Ketki, largely invisible on the far right, behind Ed, is wearing Kaffe's tumbling blocks. James-the-Younger in the front row is wearing his new Aran sweater, unplaced in the competition, and Joe, behind, with the Dan Webster Cup, is wearing the Grandson. And then there is Thomas-the-Younger, beside his brother, with a therapy scarf I knit as I was recovering from one of my broken arms.


  1. Alas, Jean -- I don't blog, so my profile is not withheld so much as non-existant. Also, you are out of season, the best ate for wren-hunting is December 26th!

    You can find me blithering endlessly on Ravelry as wrenmontgomery.

  2. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Gee, what a wonderful family you have.The picture is great. In my younger days, I used to compete in those pillow contests at our local fair in Canada. Lots of fun!

  3. Your little grandson is a sucker for punishment, but obviously a good sport!

    Lovely group photo.

  4. Thanks for sending a few readers my way :-) Blog du Wren doesn't cover knitting too much, but there are a few posts here and there. And lots of other fun stuff to boot!