Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Row 116. I was like an old horse yesterday when its head is turned back towards the barn. Here is the “2011” panel – it’ll be a bit clearer after blocking, I hope.

I had a moment of sharp gloom last night when I felt there were too many small and medium mistakes, some to be ignored, some to be clumsily repaired at the finishing stage. Maybe I can’t do this any more? I feel only marginally more cheerful this morning. Maybe it's time to start taking vitamin D, even though the time change must be more than a month away.

The centre pattern is printed on two pages, and when you finish them, you go back almost to the beginning and do it again. That’s where I am now, nearly half-way up the first page for the second time.

But otherwise, there’s nothing to say until my madelinetosh yarn turns up from the Netherlands, or “Knit, Swirl” from Amazon. The latter is now promised for later this month.

So, as suggested yesterday, here are two items from my Knitting Oddities file. The first is a poem from the FT Magazine, undated. The second, from something called “Trace” – it must be a publication devoted to stolen works of art – appeared in June, 1995.


  1. It will be just fine - and the poem reminds me of the saying "a blind man would be glad to see it".
    I am looking forward to envying the finished article.

  2. I'm sure you and perhaps another very sharp-eyed knitter would be the only ones to know of mistakes. My MD has me taking VitD3, as well. Apparently in the north, or with too much time inside, or lots of cloudy weather we just can't make enough, even in the summer. I'm trying to imagine whether that chair would be comfortable to knit in.