Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thanks for the pointers to the Loopy Ewe and their new stock of Pakokku. I’ve just been there and bought an armload of it. All I need now is time to knit.

Good day yesterday. J. and I had lunch in John Lewis’ cafe – good, but noisy. Next time we could try the Conan Doyle, a pub just to hand on more or less the site where the great man was born.

Today’s excitement is that Archie is coming back – not much of a half-term. I’ll take him  to school tomorrow. A picture view at the local auctioneers this afternoon – by our standards in old age, it’s all go this week.

As for knitting, I went peacefully on with the endless Relax2. I’ve got to get it to the Point of No Return (=finishing line in sight) before I succumb to socks.

I’ve also just bought Sarah Hatton’s “Scarves, Shrugs & Shawls”. She is a designer I admire. But that’s enough of buying things for this morning.

There was a good piece in the Telegraph yesterday about the art gallery in Birmingham of which my husband was the director for 20 years or so.

And that seems to be all. One of those mind-is-blank mornings. I should have flowers on the Apache chillis pretty soon. The plants on the cold doorstep are small but cheerful. I must get back to Craftsy. They’re plugging a class with Shirley Paden, a designer I extravagantly admire. But first I must finish the ones I’ve already got.


  1. Nice article, butI did smile at the description of the Art Institute od Chicago as a regional gallery. Do you ever read Jane Brocket's blog? She frequently posts about art galleries and artists in uk cities. It always makes me want to go see some paintings.

  2. Barbara M. in NH2:54 PM

    And did you read about how Detroit, which is pretty near bankrupt, is considering selling some of it's art? Apparently, the city owns these and considers them assets.... one of Van Gogh, Diego Rivera's murals, etc. We live in NH but have a cottage in Michigan, and I will be so sad if they are sold.

    Barbara M. in NH

  3. Anonymous6:46 PM

    As a student in the very early 80s I was in and out of the Barber a lot. I loved it.

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