Thursday, May 02, 2013


Yesterday went fine, but I’m tired. I thot I’d begin today (ignoring a certain amount of yesterday’s washing up) with Herzog’s next lesson. I want to cast on the new Relax soon, and I want to get a proper perspective on fit before I do.

I had a bit of trouble getting things started on my husband’s new computer but I achieved it, and the next lesson was about taking measurements and very useful it was. Then I got into one of those nightmare situations – have we all been there? – when Herzog went on to the following lesson and I couldn’t figure out how to tell her to stop. Wherever I went on the Internet, there was her voice telling me interesting and sensible things about fit. I turned the computer off. I turned it on again – and there was Herzog’s voice, by now advanced to the subject of bust measurement. At some points in the struggle, I had two versions of her overlaying each other.

I think I have succeeded in silencing her, and I certainly need to watch that lesson again calmly from the beginning. I think it may be the most important one of all. I only hope when my husband sits down to work today, he won’t find her explaining negative ease.

Lunch went well yesterday. The new researcher-editor seems competent and sympatica and possessed of a good knowledge of the required period and a good understanding of  the demands of academic research. So that’s all right for the time being.

What about Strathardle? Hey! It may be cold, but it’s May! But certainly not today. Our Edinburgh calendar is clear until next Wednesday. We shall see.

I finished the ribbing of the 2nd Pakokku sock. Hence my keenness to be ready to get started on the 2nd Relax.

But yesterday’s serious knitting news lies entirely elsewhere. For some time now, a scheme has been afoot involving me and Kristieinbc and Knitsofacto and Kristie’s cousin Kath – might we all go to Shetland for a weekend in September? Yesterday, things got to the flight-booking stage. The rest of the party will assemble in Wales, and fly to Edinburgh together on the Friday. I’ll then join the flight for the journey to Sumburgh. We'll have three whole entire days, four nights. I'll take a very early flight back to Edinburgh on the Tuesday.

Helen and Archie -- he has an exeat that weekend -- and Rachel will hold the fort here.

The deed is done. I had a bit of trouble with the booking – at least, in the sense that I got to a screen that seemed to require that I pay extra for a seat. It seems unlikely; there must have been a way to avoid that. But I went ahead and did it. It’s a small plane, with only one column of seats on the left-hand side (as you face forward). I booked myself one of those, on the theory that it would afford a good view of Fair Isle as we came in to land.

I got a bit misty-eyed at the idea, before reflecting that much depends on how the wings are attached to the plane. I may have paid for a seat with no visibility at all.

So now we have the happy business of planning our weekend. There is even some talk of a day-trip to Unst. 


  1. How exciting to be planning a trip to shetland! Your view will also be affected by cloud too of course, but not much can be done about that...

    I walked along Drummond Place yesterday, after visiting your LYS, McAree Bros. I waved a virtual wave in your direction....

  2. Grand news about the trip - I shall be with you in spirit!

  3. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I believe you must have opted to choose your seat position rather than wait to be allocated one at check in. Row 3 is the only one without a window. Enjoy your trip.

  4. Oh and those of us Downunder will look forward to hearing about the more remote parts of Upover when you get back! I am envious!

  5. My husband and I went to Shetland for our honeymoon in 2000. We flew, and had no problems, but at times the fog is so thick that landing is impossible. Transferring to Orkney we passed over Fairisle. I wish I could say that it was distinctively patterned, but it was not. Planning this trip will be such fun; something for you, rather than for others.

  6. What a wonderful thing to have planned!

  7. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Such a delicious trip to anticipate and plan!


  8. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Your blog needs a jealous(1) button. The trip sounds heavenly, and I look forward to enjoying it vicariously here.

    Beverly in NJ

  9. skeindalous3:09 PM

    Such a fabulous thought....To go to Shetland with friends! Hope the planning is as enjoyable as the trip itself!

  10. we shall start a "jealous of jean" fan club!

    have you read the Shetland mysteries by Anne Cleeves? if you watched the one that was produced for BBC ... its not true to the books - as so often they are not - the main character is wrong casting even tho i adore Henshall. anyway, the books are very evocative . i dreamt of shetland all while i was reading them - havent finished them ... doling them out to make them last - not sure if she is writing more of that series - her VERA series has been produced with many more eps and the delightful Brenda Blethyn as VERA - and much more appropriate casting. but they are not set on Shetland.

    anywho - as for the computer - you can close a program by opening TASK MANAGER (right click on the date/time on your taskbar and choose START TASK MANAGER). find the program name and click on END PROCESS button. will close any program that is misbehaving!

    btw how much ribbing do you do on your sock and when do you start it? and what bind off do you suggest?

    i am excited that i have BOTH socks at the same place - several inches up the leg. and now and trying to figure out when to stop and start the ribbing and what bind off?

  11. I had a beautiful view of Fair Isle on one flight to Shetland but the last time I was on the wrong side of the plane flying over thick cloud. I hope you are lucky, at least you are on the correct side of the plane.

  12. Anonymous8:00 PM

    The vision of your husband being involuntarily lectured to on negative ease gave me uncontrollable giggles. Snorting and chuckling makes my cats uneasy. Must...control...myself!

  13. Anonymous8:05 PM

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  14. Anonymous8:47 PM

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