Friday, August 09, 2019

Again, little to report – two more rows of the Spring Shawl. But tonight you’ll forgive me, because I’ve got the wedding pictures at last. They were stuck in my telephone, but Archie was here today and released them.

I’ve finished “Father and Son” – Susan, do read it. It’s fairly short, and quite interesting. I’ve embarked on Elizabeth Bowen’s “The Last September”. The Anglo-Irish in 1920. It starts well.

More bad weather. My personal trainer and I set off for Drummond Place Gardens in a drizzle, and came back two circuits later, soaked to the skin. I’m sure it did us good. And in the afternoon, the sun shone, at least for a while. It does lift the apirits.

Archie and I tried, again,  to go to the supermarket, and again the battery was flat. Now I’ve got a new one.

Here are the wedding pictures. The little girls leading the procession into the church are two of my great-granddaughters.

As you can see, we were blessed with our weather. The following week, the current succession of great heat and torrential rain started almost everywhere.


  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Beautiful wedding pics! The shawl looks wonderful. & love the fruit sherbet color theme. The little girls are adorable!

    Beverly in NJ

  2. What a lovely couple! Thanks for posting the pictures. Those little girls have grown up so quickly.
    I have everything battened down here in the South of England as we're expecting damaging gusts tonight and tomorrow. Hope you are OK up there.

  3. Seeing your knitwear worn for such a special occasion makes one a bit teary. The little ones are adorable, and I love the dresses. Nothing too fussy.

  4. Lovely, looks like a fairy tale happily ever after sort of day. Your shawl is beautiful (so are the girls!). We were supposed to be going to a kite festival in Portsmouth today... but the way the wind is blowing at the moment anyone holding a kite would be up and away.

  5. What a lovely couple. The shawl is beautiful. I can imagine the little girls wearing it someday in the distant future. So glad you could get to the wedding and enjoy it!

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      Beautiful in every way. Your shawl was perfect. Chloe

  6. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Wonderful pictures of a beautiful wedding. I'm so glad you were able to attend. Joe-inWyoming

  7. What a beautiful family you have:)! You must've been so proud and happy! And you couldn't have asked for better weather! Congratulations to all.
    Joan aka FSK

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