Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Ribwarmer, again

Well, there it is. And although it lay there beautifully while being blocked, there remains something seriously wrong with the lower corners which becomes obvious when one puts it on. I briefly considered trying another, more savage blocking, but soon decided that the only thing is to take out the i-cord edging again. Nobody says I have to replace it, either, but if I do, it'll have to be on much bigger needles. and perhaps with a longer stretch of unattached cord around those corners..

I've laid it aside for a few days while I recxover my temper, though. I've just started the under-arm gussets for the Fair Isle jacket, which gives me a sort of purpose in life, and I want to press on with that for the time being.

No more water through the dining-room ceiling. It's very cold here, but dry and bright and beautiful.


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