Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We had a nice drop of post-holiday mail yesterday, but “Knitting” magazine wasn’t included.

This morning’s problem is that, although I am in some unimagined sense “connected”, I can’t collect my mail or visit any website. I am anxious and distressed, and it is a sharp reminder of how dependent I am on the cyber-world. Trouble down at, I presume; we shall see. I am composing off-line in MS Word, as is my wont.

Slipping the First Stitch in Lace Knitting, and other topics.

Since I can’t visit my own blog, I can’t remind myself who wrote yesterday’s comment on this interesting subject. I have had a very quick look at the early pages of “Heirloom Knitting” – I didn't see anything on the subject. The patterns of Sharon’s which I have looked at, equally quickly, do not say anything about slipping first stitches, and I think we can assume that she would say so, if she wanted it done. Nor does Amedro say anything in general, but she does specify that first stitches are to be slipped in her pattern for the shawl-shape I am actually knitting. I shall certainly continue with them for the time being. And if my contact with the outside world is ever restored, will write to the Heirloom Knitting group on the subject.

Socklady sent me this interesting link yesterday to a site with reviews of yarns. I learned some things about Jade Sapphire.


We are pretty well set to go to Strathardle on Friday. My husband’s sister, who lives in south Edinburgh, is going to join us for the weekend at least. I am worried about being drawn away from my vegetables – this is an important time of year, for vegetable growers. And I also wonder what to do about cider. I don’t want to be diverted from my new-found sobriety, but don’t want to seem inhospitable, either. My sister-in-law is not much of a drinker, but she may be looking forward to it as a rare treat. Nor do I want cider to become a subject of conversation.

I am too distressed by my unexpected isolation from the world, to go on. I will stuff this message into a bottle and go have my bath.

[Well, obviously, here I am, although I still can't get any email nor did "Knitting" arrive with this morning's post. I hope to be calmer and more informative tomorrow.]

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  1. Hmm, are you on the "laceforallseasons" list? I think I had queried about slipping or working the first stitch in a lace pattern just the other day. If it wasn't me, what a neat coincidence! At any rate, the scarf I am making has a small garter stitch border, and I'm slipping... it looks really nice (I've widened "branching out" into "stole" width.