Monday, May 22, 2006

Strathardle today. Blogging should resume (briefly) on Friday, or Thursday if the weather is really appalling. The forecast is not very good. It’s kind of depressing, this sort of weather, as Sean was saying in his blog recently. I think perhaps it’s less depressing in the country. The lambs will be adolescent by now.

I have reached the penultimate row of the shawl. Then there are 450 stitches to cast off. Finishing won’t take long – only two balls of yarn have been involved; there are few loose ends. Then blocking, which I love. I’m still on target to take it to London on the 29th.

At some point soon thereafter, I mean to have a look at the lace-weight section of my stash in the light of realistic life-expectancy.

The spring issue of Knitter’s turned up here last week, not before time. Nothing I would dream of knitting, much XRX photography to dislike. IK is much better. So why is it that my heart lifts to see Knitter’s on the mat, ahead of all the others? It can’t just be down to Perri Klass.


Donna, thank you for the link to VintageCat. I have read through their current list. It is full of good things (most of which I have) at good prices. I will keep an eye on it. Both Ebay and Abebooks wrote to me with news of Vogue Knitting Books this morning; nothing of interest. I hope they don’t think the job is done.

Lorna, I know it’s better to weigh oneself less often, but at the moment I am too enthralled with my new toy to abstain. I have certainly lost some weight since Ash Wednesday. Clothes are looser, step is sprightlier; although the change of scales makes it difficult to guess how much. Ten pounds, maybe?

But am I still losing? Has the Cider Effect fully worked through yet? I have settled down to a regime of cider-only-on-Sundays, so far fairly successfully, although I’m making no promises. I have porridge for breakfast: no more sausages. My old friend with the oscillating needle has been retired to the country. It will be interesting to see what it thinks I weigh.

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