Tuesday, October 31, 2006

from thessaloniki

yesterday i went to philippi, where the roman republic finally died, and brutus and cassius with it, and horace fought but lived to write another poem, and st. paul preached and was thrown in jail. it was raining rather hard and i had it all to myself.

today we will visit philip ii's tomb (alxander the gt's father) and tomorrow, insh'allah, edinburgh, if the british are willing to let me back in on this rush-job of a temporary passport. the gks were very dubious about it, and they only had to put up with me for 10 days.

we've had a nice time, very interesting. my arm is improving -- 5th wk nearly over -- and i continue to hope i'll be able to knit when we get back. i have decided on a feather-and-fan scarf from stash as therapy-knitting, large scale, the incs done as m1 rather than yo, so no holes. we shall see.

two more vkb's yesterday, thanks to my friend helen, one of them the most recent one i didn't have and the other, another wartime one. a good haul.

i'll have a few pics when normality resumes, including pelion and ossa but not philippi because it was raining too hard to take the camera out of the car.


  1. Years ago, I broke my hand rather significantly (two orthopedic surgeries, months of physical therapy, the works) and to this day, knitting is as much physical therapy for me as it is a hobby. I hope that knitting works the same way for you... from the sounds of it, it should be wonderful for your recovery, but of course ask your therapist first. Here's hoping you continue to improve - nothing like a Greek holiday to make a girl feel better.

  2. Anonymous11:13 PM

    So very glad to read about your holiday and hope it has been as lovely despite rain.

    Jude in obscureknitty