Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day One of Games Week

I think I’ve abandoned the Liesl. (I’m sure you’re right, Kristin, that blocking the yoke on its own is the only way to get the size right.)

I’m not enjoying knitting it. I’m not even sure I like the yarn, close-up. (Debbie Bliss “Maya”) I’m pretty sure the finished garment won’t do anything for me.

So I spent yesterday knitting peacefully forward on the Tilted Blocks scarf from “Knitting New Scarves”, and winding a skein of beautiful blue yarn. I must wind another before I can start swatching because I mean to use two strands together for the sake of a firm fabric. I suppose I could have broken this one half way through the winding, but it seemed a shame – and I’ve never found a knot in a Yarn Yard skein.

Whatever else happens with this absurd project, at least I’ve got the colour right. It’s certainly what is meant by a beautiful blue.

I was too tired to turn out for the Old Maiden Aunt trunk show at K1 Yarns yesterday. A pity, but I saved some money thereby, no doubt.


Tamar, thanks for confirming my suspicion that the courgettes may be responding to this remarkably awful summer by not producing many female flowers. Surely September will be glorious – maybe too late for courgettes, but beans are forming and they might have a chance to ripen.


Here is a picture of Archie’s recent arrival in America. Mrs Lufthansa is handing him over, my sister signing for him, and Archie grinning at his Uncle Roger who’s taking the picture. He’ll be back here on Tuesday, after a wonderful fortnight.


  1. That blue yarn is truly beautiful - the shine! You'll have to fill us in on Archie's adventures.

    I always wondered what the airlines' procedure is for children flying without an accompanying adult.

    A shame we need such procedures, isn't it? When babysitting my nieces while my brother and wife are at conferences, the procedure to pick them up from school astounded me - he has to write a letter to the school with my information (relation, age, etc.) and when picking them up, I had to show a picture ID to confirm my identity as the authorized adult.

  2. I don't think Archie could get more thrilled with his trip if he tried!

    Love the blue - it certainly pops! Re Liesl, life's too short to knit something that doesn't give you pleasure...