Monday, June 08, 2009

A peaceful and successful knitting day yesterday. I finished another repeat of the Princess centre; cast on the new version of the Child’s Cardigan (all in one piece) and made good progress with the ribbing. Picture soon. I love the way the yarn feels in my hands: that augurs well. And Sweater Wizard includes an estimate of how much yardage will be needed. If it's right, I’ve got plenty. I worry a lot on that front – so that’s a comfort.

I am touched at your sadness for the poor Surprise, Janet. But as with most experience, it may not be wasted. I am still churning thoughts around in my mind for Life After the Princess: a jabot for James, a jacket for myself incorporating Panopticon yarn (Adult Surprise? Round the Bend?), another couple of months, like last year, devoted to sock knitting.

I learned from the aborted Surprise that a worsted weight yarn will be too heavy for a jacket for myself. It’ll have to be Sport or even Sock. I also learn, from a trawl just now, that Franklin’s yarn isn’t all that easy to come by. Even Angelika seems to be running low.

I won’t be here tomorrow. The eye appointment is early, by my choice: it gets it out of the way, for me; and finds the doctor at his early-morning best, or so I hope. I plan to come home and go to bed with a bottle of cider.

On Wednesday the car must go in for its annual health check – I only just realised that it is due. That appointment is even earlier, but -- assuming for the moment that I can see to drive, on Wednesday -- I should be back here and typing away before the morning is too far advanced.

If not, see you on Thursday.


  1. A wish for serenity and a successful outcome from the eye operation tomorrow.

  2. Best wishes for successful laser surgery.

  3. Curious as to how far north Edinburgh and Strathardle are, I googled both places yesterday and was surprised at how very far north you live. I guess the Gulf Stream doesn't do much for you there on the east side of the Island.

    I read you daily and I love your writing voice.

    Best wishes for your eye.

  4. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Best of luck, Jean. Apparently it's not such a big deal anymore to have someone point a laser in your eye. I'll be thinking of you!

  5. Gerrie4:12 PM

    Hoping for a successful outcome with minimal anxiety for you.

  6. =Tamar5:20 PM

    If you want to give the BSJ another try, there's a stockinette version that was posted in 2007 and was still there last night:

    It's at the blog of Pandaman, James G. Davis

    Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket in Stockinette Stitch

    and he has permission from Meg Swansen to post his version.

  7. Good luck with your eye appointment!

  8. Let me know exactly how much you need and I'll get on it. It wasn't a color that sold too well.

  9. Anonymous3:01 AM

    Best wishes from me, too, for your eye. Just now got back to your blog and read down to see how the seed bed did. Sounds like bad news - any idea why? I haven't yet spoken to anyone here in Toronto who's trying it.
    - Beth

  10. GrannyPurple8:49 PM

    I hope that the cider had the desired healing effect, and that both you and your vehicle are roadworthy still! Like all your readers, I look forward to your return!