Thursday, August 27, 2009

Now, knitting.

Very little was done while we were away – a few rows of jabot. I did get into Blairgowrie, though, to discuss the problem with Piob Mohr. (I don’t know what it means, or how to pronounce it.) They were, as before, very kind, and they have sold me a lace-less jabot:

However, as I feared, and as I found out for sure when I laid it out this morning to photograph, it is a stark white which combines poorly with the antique-lace look of the gossamer merino I’m using. Is Cashsilk whiter? I could go back to that, or I could dig out the DMC cotton I bought to attempt the Princess in. Today’s job.

Meanwhile, I’m moving steadily forward with Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer’s Thistle Lace Stole. There are problems, as ever -- including those extra-big holes, dead centre.

I’ve inserted two extra pattern repeats to compensate for the fine yarn I’m using. That’s OK. The width looks good, and the rows aren’t uncomfortably long.

But I discover – for as always, I have rushed forward first only to make discoveries later – that this stole, unlike any other in the world, is planned as a whole, and doesn’t seem to have a section anywhere which can be extended to provide extra length. As may prove necessary.

And to make matters worse, I am knitting it in garter stitch, contrary to instructions. That will presumably shorten it somewhat further.

It is knit from each end, joined in the middle. So I have decided to finish the first half and then consider the problem. Maybe it will be long enough, if blocked with length primarily in mind. Failing that, I will have to add something somehow, risking asymmetry.

I am feeling autumnal, in need of Something Wonderful to knit, like Helen CKS’s Anhinga. But what? And anyway, when current projects are finished, I am supposed to knit an Adult Surprise with the Lorna’s Laces yarns I bought recently. That’s pretty wonderful. Is it enough?

Both the new VK (a.k.a. Designer Knitting, in GB) and – wow! – Jared’s book “Made in Brooklyn”, Gerri’s kind gift to me, were waiting on the mat when we got back here on Monday. Both have got good things; nothing quite lifts me out of my seat. Jared’s cover piece and Elizabeth Lavold’s pattern in VK both attract. Do I want a long, sleeveless cardigan? Why not?

I love Jared’s “Seneca” pattern, with the magic cables on the yoke. I love the mittens in travelling stitch. That’s a technique I keep resolving to get back to.

Next week’s excitement is a class with Annie Modesitt on Combination Knitting. Maybe that will incidentally provide some sort of answer to my restlessness.


  1. could you dye the jabot? Dip it in weak tea just to take the glare off of it?

  2. Yes, I was going to suggest the weak tea too.

  3. ... and a third vote for tea-dyeing :)

  4. Your readers think alike, tea dyeing came right to mind. I have spilled lots of tea on white shirts over the years, and can attest to its efficacy. I also overdyed some wool yarn that had the same problem, i didn't realize that one lot was bright and one was off white till I was joining pieces. I dipped the whole thing in weak tea and no one would know. Especially the baby who probably spit up on it shortly after. Welcome back.

  5. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Welcome back, Jean! You were missed,

    piob mhor ... well, piob means pipes and mhor means large, great ... so I guess the shop is proclaiming that they sell great pipes ... bagpipes, I would think. They don't seem to be tobacconists.

    Elizabeth who also was going to say weak tea....

  6. =Tamar8:33 PM

    Maybe you had better swatch just a little, to be sure the yarn goes with the jabot fabric once it's in knitted form (light is caught differently), before beginning to knit the actual lace.

  7. =Tamar8:34 PM

    P.S. could you find a section of the stole that is reversible (at least when done in garter stitch) and add a segment of that in the exact center?