Tuesday, September 07, 2010

All set, I hope, with a nice long list of things to see. The first thing I packed was the stuff required for Starmore’s class. I’m really looking forward to this. How do her Celtic knots compare with Lavold’s? Much to be learned here.

The computer is being odd this morning, just when I particularly don’t want to waste time. I’ll have to wing it, rather than checking links.

Woollybits – I hope it was her – made a most kind comment about Helen’s wedding jacket, couple of days back. Yes, I could be said to have designed it. It didn’t involve much except charting the different motifs I wanted to include and interspersing them with smaller ones from the books and calculating the total length somewhat so as to leave room for the Crown of Glory on the shoulder.

I knew my gauge well from my Fair Isle phase. I often think of how traditional knitters, working in one genre again and again, would learn their own parameters, so to speak, and be free to rearrange or even redesign the traditions. Whereas we hop nervously from one thing to another and have to start from scratch every time.

But it’s the natural colours that really hold that jacket together.

And there is a comment somewhere from Sulkycat about my link to her over the Annie Modesitt business. I have often wondered how people know when someone links to them – clearly there is a way.

Thank you, especially Angel, for the information about Icelandic names. I mean to pursue it more calmly when we get back. Or even in London, if Rachel has got internet access. The last I heard, there was trouble.

Here is the current state of the Amedro shawl edging, nearly half-way through Scallop 13. The big fish-tailed scallop for the centre is No. 15, so we’re making progress. No -- the uploading process isn't working.

But for the next week, it will be nothing but industrious sock-knitting.

And now for a couple of hours of skittering nervously about, before we catch the noon train.


  1. I subscribe to www.statcounter.com
    ...free to use and shows you where all your hits are coming from. I can always tell that you've linked to me in your blog, put it that way! It doesn't of course show the personal details of your visitors.

  2. Very Dear Jean,

    I don't believe there is any mechanism by which a blogger can see if another person has put in a link to the blog. I think it far more likely that the link was spotted because the blogger in question does as so many of us do; turns to your post every day because we like and respect you and your excellent work.

    I know I look at your blog every day - even when you are away - because you also attract a very good class of comments!

    I hope London is being good to you!

    Warmest regards,


  3. Dear Jean,

    I leave for Bath on Thursday for the Jane Austen Festival. I've stopped buying Tchotchkes and now bring back yarn as souvenirs of my travels.

    When I was in Bath last year I couldn't find any yarn except for a couple dusty balls on the top shelf of a craft shop.

    Do you have any suggestions for yarn shops?


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