Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It is possible, day by day, to write about what’s going on. It’s very hard, on the other hand, to pick anything out of such a week. We had a good time. I am very, very tired. Everybody has now gone on to Strathardle except me and my husband -- 14 of them. I think we have discovered the secret of how to entertain a house party.

This is our Christmas tree, from Poundland (since the pot-grown Norway spruce I had ordered was 50 miles north):

This was Christmas dinner, early stage, when we are all handing each other bread sauce, cranberry sauce, gravy and wine:

This is James in the Traveller scarf:

And his daughter Rachel, in the Japanese hat:

I also heard that Matt was delighted with his socks.

Rachel and her family appeared on Boxing Day. Here we are having supper:

And here are the Grandsons, on the morning of the 27th:

The Grandson Sweater is looking slightly used, I was glad to note. Joe said he has posted a picture of himself wearing it on Facebook, and someone wrote to him to ask where he got it. There’s glory for you.


  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Lovely photos, Jean..... the Japanese hat looks especially fetching, and dinner looks delicious! I'm glad to hear you had a happy Christmas and think you deserve a few days to rest and recuperate!

    Ours was nice, too ... and we have another, second Christmas coming up January 14th when our Michigan and Chicago kids can come to New Hampshire. So I need to start wrapping again soon!

    Barbara M.

  2. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos! Everyone looks very festive.
    Glad the knitting was well-received.
    Best wishes for 2011!

  3. The photos are lovely Jean. Nice to see your knitting being worn. It really does give me a buzz when I see someone actually wearing something I have knit for them. It's a rare occurrence.

  4. And there is the Green Granite Blocks, not being mentioned but looking so, so elegant over the back of the settee.

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Anonymous7:00 PM

    So glad to see you back posting again. Loved the pictures of your knitted items and the lovely meals. Now rest and enjoy getting to a new year.

    Judith from Texas

  7. There, I knew you would survive the onslaught! The knitting looks lovely.
    Here it is much too warm to contemplate wearing any knitting at all.

  8. I am so glad all went well Jean - please have your well-deserved rest!

  9. My sincere sympathy on the exhaustion front. It is exhaustion but a wonderful kniship feast for the rest of the dark-hours-of-winter. I love all the woollens I spotted in the photos - old friends, indeed!

    Merry Christmas and I hope the first footing is a happy one.

  10. So glad to see you have survived Christmas Jean. The hat is beautiful.

    We are still in the thick of things here in Canada. I currently have 12 people staying under our roof, and another 2 coming up each day to join in the festivities. I have come to the conclusion that all people do is eat. Or so it would seem from the constant food prep, consumption, purchase and post-eating clean-up that occurs. :-)

  11. Anonymous4:19 PM

    How nice to see your family Christmas photos - congratulations on getting through it! I do know that combination of delight, exhaustion and complicated logistics. Hope you're enjoying some knitting and resting.
    - Beth in Toronto

  12. Brilliant idea to send them all off to a house fifty miles away! Lovely to see so many of your knits in use.

  13. Glad all went as well as could be expected. Best wishes for the New Year Jean!

  14. Gail (nosenabook)10:19 PM

    Jean, I am listening to the newest podcast of The Fiber Beat, where WonderMike interviews Franklin Habit.

    Did you really tell Franklin he was crazy to want a sheep in the city?
    It was a thrilling moment to hear about Dolores' beginning.

    Happy New Year!