Thursday, March 17, 2011

C. lost a lot of ground between Monday and yesterday. She was still conscious and coherent, but only just. My husband sat with her and held her hand and they talked. I stood back. Clearly, from his manner as he said goodbye and the way he looked back as we left, he believed it was the last time he would see her. (He put his hand on her forehead and said, “See you later” and she replied faintly “Alligator”.) I tried to say goodbye but she hadn’t realised I was there and only said, “I don’t understand”.

The issue last night and this morning was whether to bring forward the arrival of Little C., the beloved granddaughter, currently scheduled to drive up with Rachel and Ed on Saturday. Rachel herself is very anxious to get here while her aunt is still alive – she’s not too bothered about coherent conversation.

Our niece phoned the hospice early this morning. They reported a peaceful night, and also said, “I’ll tell your mother you phoned”. So for the moment, arrangements are being left as they stand. That could change during the day.

And tonight Greek Helen will be here!

Knitting, miscellaneous

Jeanfromcornwall, the cache-coeur pattern sounds a bit hard to get. It’s in Issue 19, 2007, of “The Wheel” – “Only available through the Ashford Club at”.

Thank you for the reminders about p/hop, Christine and Hat. I investigated them once before, and they had slipped my mind. I’ll rev myself and get back there.

If anyone has been wondering about that cowl, permanently stuck at 99% in the side bar, the reason was that it was still pinned to the dining room floor, in blocking position. Yesterday I unpinned it and sewed the side seam and tidied it. It’s great.

I also finished Round the Bend. I hope I’ll get it blocked this morning. Pins won’t be involved, so it shouldn’t take too long.

I also knit most of a Shetland jumper-weight swatch for the Japanese shirt. I didn’t entirely enjoy it. There’s something slightly itchy about Shetland yarn. Normally I use it only for Fair Isle, where I don’t seem to mind how it feels. But do I want to embark on this whole prolonged project with a yarn that doesn’t entirely please the fingers?

Then I remembered Jenny’s mention of Loop. They’ve got Madeleine Tosh sock yarn in a good range of colours, including the wonderful “lichen” which I admired in pure silk lace. Maybe this is the moment to buy some yarn. There’s nothing here, other than Shetland – and that would have to be striped – of which there’s enough for a whole garment.

And I also cast on Granny Cheyne’s Shetland shawl and knit half of the first edging repeat. Only 83 ½ repeats to go, a mere bagatelle for one who has knit the Princess. It is a good back-in-the-saddle feeling to be doing lace again.

My husband was horrified when he saw it. He called the colour “electric red”.


  1. Thanks for sharing your family's updates with your readers.
    An electric red shawl sounds like a great project!

  2. What is it with these menfolk? I had a jumper in that kind of red, and was told it looked terrible. He knows nothing about colours (Just one look at him on a good day would tell you that) but that has never held him back from expressing an honestly held opinion!

    I think it is a lovely red.

  3. The problem with 'shetland' yarn is that it probably doesn't come from shetland sheep. Perhaps just sheep from Shetland. Not necessarily sheep with nice wool. I have some Shetlands and if they'd let me, I would rub my cheeks all over them. There are some things a sheep just will not let you do...

  4. The red is a lovely color- I have some red lace yarn- I keep meaning to knit with it, but have been sidelined by too many other things.

  5. =Tamar10:35 PM

    It isn't precisely identical to the cache-coeur you showed, but here's a similar pattern that is well out of copyright, being from 1860.
    Remove the spaces.
    www. raggedsoldier. com/ sontag.html

  6. There's nothing as fun as wearing a bold red shawl. I have a Swallowtail I knit in crimson wool and it's fantastic. I would be pleased as punch if anyone knit me an electric red lace shawl. Hmm... wonder if I have any red lace yarn in the stash.

    Hope all goes as well as possible with the family and with C.

  7. Jean, thank you for sharing a little part of C's and your family's journey. Peace to you all.

    And I agree with jeanfromcornwall - it is a lovely red. It will be beautiful.

  8. Jean, when I can get my email to work, I think I can solve your problem. Patience...