Friday, July 15, 2011

A new follower! Welcome! We’re more or less stuck at 250 readers a day – not exactly the-world-by-storm, but more than enough to save Sodom.

It has been week of major FO’s, just as hoped.

I now can’t find the errant stitch in the Aran sweater – no doubt it will reveal itself to the judges. So I have had to declare it Finished without further ado.

And last night I finished the pink Araucania – three years in the making. I LOVE it, although I haven’t tried it on yet (or blocked it). Ron’s contribution – as recently as February of this year, according to my notes – was to steer me towards EZ’s “golf shirt”, October in the Almanac. Hence the placket and collar.

The pattern, generated from the Sweater Wizard, was aiming for something like Ketki’s Calcutta Cup sweater

but the more emphatic collar has transformed it. And the yarn and the drape are lovely. If, as is often the case, Games Day is less than sizzling hot, I'll wear it then.

And today I shall return to the Electric Red Mourning Shawl. I rejoice in anticipation that laying it aside for Games knitting (the Aran sweater) hasn’t reduced it to permanent or semi-permanent UFO’dom, as happened to the KF jacket last year. It is being knit, you will remember, on the Fleegle system for knitting garter stitch in the round. I know exactly where I am in the pattern, without looking it up – but can I figure out where I am in Fleegle?


Silence from Plimoth. I might add that my new Good King Henry plants are so large and healthy-looking that I allowed myself to nibble half a leaf. Not bland. If anything, it tasted worse than the GKH I am already growing. The new plants come from Lincolnshire which is sort of nice, as one of GKH’s folk names is “Lincolnshire spinach.”

Thank you for the recipe, Knitlass. “Sensational” seems a much more apposite adjective for GKH than “bland”. (I tried to leave a comment about gents socks on your blog, and found myself in an endless cycle of Blogger password and word-identification, and eventually gave up.)

I had thought we were planning to go to Strathardle in the next few days to get things squared away for the Greek party and to enjoy being there on our own. But either I misunderstood my husband or he has changed his mind, so tomorrow I plan to leave him with sandwiches and make a day-return mercy dash to get the new GKH plants planted and see how everybody is getting on.

So no blog.


  1. Do let us know if it's any good (the recipe that is). Grr - I hate it when that happens with comments. Try again sometime: I dont get many comments!

  2. Jean I thought of you yesterday while reading a short story in the New Yorker by Ruth Prawer Jhabala - "Noxious cooking smells - asafetida, like a gas - pervaded the house." Thanks to your GKH adventures, I didn't have to look it up.

  3. I have planted three rows of sorrel on my allotment, following your lead, and they are doing really well. We look forward to tasting the thinnings soon.

  4. Anonymous3:16 PM

    The sweater is beautiful and you have inspired me to make a stab at one. I really like collars.
    Ron in Mexico

  5. The sweater is lovely! I am not sure if I should hope you get to wear it on Games Day, or if it would be better to hope for warmth and sunshine.

  6. P.S. 250 readers a day?! I am suitably impressed, but not that surprised. I love your blog, and obviously many others do too.

  7. I like that neck/collar style. Health to wear it. (Have to keep using these Irish expressions)

  8. I love the color of the sweater- and I have never thought of knitting a stand-up collar, but I do like it.

    Your little Aran is stunning too!