Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The papering of the dining room went well yesterday – will they actually finish today? The paper is somewhat understated compared to our expectations, but it looks fine, and goes well with the old paper at the points where they abut. See yesterday’s pic.

And I’m ready to start the next sweet tomato heel. I watched the video again this morning, which seemed a slow way of acquiring information by now but was perhaps useful. I should have these socks finished to give to our niece when we see her at the Games.

My husband had a podiatry appt yesterday. I took the current sock along, of course, for my waiting time, and also Candace Strick’s book. I’m not entirely looking forward to attempting her system – to begin with, the cast-on (Channel Island) is not what I would call “provisional” in that it can’t be unzipped but must be snipped and picked out stitch by stitch. But it is no use buying a book and then complaining about it before I even try.

I also paid my first visit to the new local LYS, Kathy’s Knits. I liked what I saw. She is concentrating on Scottish yarns. I hadn’t even known that wool was spun at New Lanark. Kathy has also got Jeanette Sloan’s yarns, she who used to have her own shop in Bruntsfield and now writes for Knitting magazine.

And I left without buying anything, without feel embarrassed. Do drop in if you get a chance.

Another thing I found out about yesterday (from The Knitter) is Shetland Wool Week. One to dream about. Kate Davies is going to be there.

This is beginning to sound like one of those chatty advertising columns (I love them!) in the local free newspaper. 


  1. I like those small town papers that tell you who had visitors and what they ate. I expect those will die off, soon, replaced by Facebook posts.

  2. I love your "advertising column" today. More so that the dining room is coming together and soon your woes will be over on that front.

    How wonderful that Scottish yarns are being offered in your neck of the woods. If nothing else it will be a great point of interest to touring knitters. We have a shop that offers local artisan yarns and spinning fibers and does very well in what is usually a slow time of year, summer, thanks to the tourists.