Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It sounds as if the storm has created the expected godawful mess – but not a Katrina-sized disaster. Hard to tell. I haven’t heard from my sister and will try to get in touch today.

I’ve reached the 6th triangle (of 8) on the Wingspan. It seems flat, stale, and unprofitable, but at least nearing completion. I brought the Japanese shirt back from Strathardle last time – maybe I’d feel better working on that for a while. But I think I need red.

I drew up a skeleton menu plan yesterday for my weekend in London – I want to leave Rachel as free as possible. It remains, of course, actually to execute my plans. I’m going to order two meals from Cook – Cathy recommended them last summer, and they have a shop in Edinburgh. I’ll make a one-pot for one of the other meals. I have a goodly supply of red currents in the freezer, our own crop. I’ll make my husband an unseasonal summer pudding for his birthday. Time for a to-do list.

But he won’t be getting a Microsoft Surface. It says in the Economist that, at least at first, they will only be sold online and through dedicated MS shops. I’ll wait until they get to John Lewis. Or longer.


  1. Catriona12:25 PM

    I can recommend Cook's Fish Pie and Lasagne (original)!

  2. I havent spoken to friends and family in NJ since yesterday morning, but without power certainly. I'm sure they are saving the cell phones for emergency use.

  3. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Here in NH most people have no power but luckily we did not get the major flooding NJ and other coastal areas did. It was a pretty wild night, though!

    Barbara M. In NH

  4. Here in the southwestern most corner of Vermont all appears to be well. So far the most damage was caused by a dead cedar tree that fell on a section of my horse pasture fence. I was out betimes to repair it. I'm afraid those poor souls along the coast didn't fare very well at all.

  5. Sarah JS4:52 PM

    My niece on Manhattan's upper west side came through all right. South of her has severe flooding and no electrity. Columbia University has electricity and just "some" tree damage nearby.

  6. I'm with you on the Wingspan. found it rather dull to knit, and still haven't figured out how to wear it to show off the construction or even the points. I guess that's why none of the photos on Ravelry show it being worn.

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