Monday, April 28, 2014

What I forgot to tell you yesterday morning was that Liverpool were playing Chelsea and your support was needed. Too late now: Liverpool lost. They can still win the league but, as I understand it, that result now depends not only on Liverpool winning their two remaining matches, but also on other people losing theirs. So that's sad.

There is not much else to report. We had a nice time with Archie yesterday – he said of lunch that it was “worth missing school lunch for”. He likes eating, and takes an intelligent interest in food. He also said that the world knows an uncomfortable amount about him, thanks to this blog, so perhaps I had better cut back on Archie-news. He is about to start his GCSE exams, and seems in good spirits.

As for knitting, I am halfway around round 63 of the border of the Unst Bridal Shawl. As the motif widens, the right-side, odd-numbered, rounds get slower and more painstaking. I am nearly finished with the current – the fourth – 25 gram ball of yarn. I think I said when I joined it in, that I thought six balls would be enough. I'm not so sure now, as those corners relentlessly expand outwards.

The k3tog's aren't agonising, this time. Just slow. 

One of the aspects of the Queen Ring Shawl to which I am keenly looking forward, is that its border includes the “sprouting seed”, the only asymmetrical Shetland lace pattern, I think. It figures in the Princess, and can be seen on the cover of “Heirloom Knitting” (which is a picture of part of the Princess) towards the top.

This motif turns up a lot in Paisleyshawls, known as the “boteh”. On the Queen Ring, they all nod in the same direction but I think Sharon suggests –  if so, I can't find it, this morning – that it might be interesting to vary that, and I mean to. On each border, the boteh's could nod inwards towards the centre.


I am falling seriously behind on blog-reading, now that Google has deserted me. I went to Feedly this morning and found an unintelligible screen with no hint of how to find my list.

It then occurred to me that my simplest move might be to update the list in my sidebar and spend a few moments in the morning clicking on those links.


  1. I use bloglovin. I like it better than feedly. I have both but bloglovin was closer to the app I used before.

  2. Good morning, Jean. I switched to Digg when Google ditched us blog readers. I tried several others, but like Digg the best.

  3. I really miss Google reader. I have to resync Feedly on my ipad everytime I use it.

  4. I miss Google Reader, too. Just to muddy the comment waters, I use InoReader because it is surprisingly straight-forward. I never miss one of your posts!

  5. I'm glad Archie is choosing that you not chatter so much about him than abandoning you. Your friendship with him is a treasure. I'm very happy that it is going very well.

  6. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Do send Archie best wishes for the upcoming exams.
    I have been very glad that Canada does not have the 100% final exam idea. I would do very poorly indeed.
    Only crocuses in Toronto. We may see daffodils and magnolias by the end of the week. Cherry blossoms won't be before at least the first week of May. (My notes say 1 May in 2013 and 10 April in 2012.)