Wednesday, December 16, 2020


All well. Sorry about yesterday. I felt indescribably feeble. No knitting, no blog. But I got around the garden, with Archie; and again this morning, with Helen. And the second Evendoon sleeve is progressing well. I’d like to finish it (the sleeve, at least) before embarking on the baby hap – the yarn still isn’t here, but should be, any moment now. The Evendoon, even with two sleeves, will need a neck edging as well as finishing-finishing. We shall see.




Thank you for your comfort. I’m sure, really, that they won’t forget me…


The radio seemed to suggest yesterday that Scotland will run out of vaccine once it has finished doing care home residents and staff, who are quite properly second. First were NHS staff – wee Hamish’s father Manaba, who works for the NHS, has had his, with no discomfort to speak of. I can wait. I’d really prefer Oxford/AstraZeneca anyway. (I didn’t get a reminder this year to come in for my flu vaccine. But that could be because the NHS is one step ahead of me. I got the injection, early on, from my nearest chemist (=drugstore); and they probably told the doctor.)




“The Honourable Schoolboy” is slightly hard work, which is just what’s wanted. I don’t think I’ve read it before. There was a list in the Times yesterday of Le Carre’s “ten best” which didn’t even mention “Little Drummer Girl”. There aren’t many authors to whom that could happen. Like Trollope without “Barchester Towers”, at least in my opinion. There was a leader (=editorial) that same day, which did mention it. I think perhaps I’ll re-read it, when I finish this one.


  1. =Tamar6:40 PM

    Thank you for posting, and I'm glad to see you're using your strength where it will do you the most good.

    It's snowing here. I was expecting the usual rain, but it will probably change to rain by tomorrow. By then I think enough people will have remembered that water is wet, and it will be safer to venture out to replenish supplies.

  2. I have read almost all of LeCarre, but never Little Drummer Girl. I think I didn’t care for the movie, so wasn’t motivated for the book. I’ll have to remedy that. Glad you got around the garden. I get part two of my Shingles Vaccine tomorrow. I hope there are no side effects to speak of.

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Just finished my second shingles shot a few weeks ago with only a noticeably sore arm as the side effect but nothing I couldn't withstand. My husband on the other hand. Had a hard time with his recently administered pneumonia shot. The doctor warned that he would feel sick for a day and also have a very sore arm. She wasn't kidding. The medical world sure works hard to protect seniors. And research in one area can often shed light on another one, so I hope it pays for itself. Chloe