Sunday, September 05, 2021


I’m feebler than ever, but all’s well. C. came, but instead of walking we sat on the step in the sun while the happy cats went up and down to the pavement rejoicing in unaccustomed freedom. C. brought me a tonic called Floradix. It seems to be largely if not entirely an iron supplement – probably a very good idea. My appetite is very low these days, and what I do eat may well not contain much iron.


She brought news of the Majestic line – her friend J. (all of C.’s friends have names beginning with J) had been cruising with them last week, on our very boat, the Glen Tarsan. She  had a bishop among her fellow-passengers of whom I was rather jealous. However, towards the end of a happy cruise, two of the crew tested positive for you-know-what and the boat went haring back to Oban. Some of the passengers, including J.’s husband and the Bishop, were showing possible symptoms, coughing and such-like. All were double-vaccinated. The Glen Tarsan cruise for this week has been cancelled and it’s being deep-cleaned.


I need to show you some more pictures.


So I’m glad that didn’t happen to us.


No knitting, but Andrew Marr is back from his summer break, and recorded – so I may catch up both with him and a bit of knitting tomorrow.


  1. =Tamar10:49 PM

    The tonic should be easier than taking a handful of capsules, too. I have chronic low iron and I notice if I miss a day.

  2. Be cautious of iron as it can cause constipation.

  3. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Wow too bad about the cruise. I hope everyone can make a full recovery.
    Very glad your cruise could proceed as usual.
    thanks for posting
    Lisa RR