Thursday, June 01, 2023


Helen is safely home. She feels she needs a day of not doing anything, but for today she had to battle on, and of course didn't attempt to come here. . London is hard work, she says. Meanwhile, although I think my chest is better, I’m still very droopy and there has been no knitting. Three more days of amoxicillin – I’m sure I’ll feel better when it’s finished. Then I’ll have to work at re-charging the microbiome. A nurse came from our GP practice today and took some bloods. She was very good at it. I will hear directly from the doctor if there is anything to cause concern.


I hope, as you say, Mary Lou, that my sister will be able to provide penetrating advice on the whole range of my problems, from the current chest infection through hip replacement and on up through life-style choices. Should I stay here? Go into care? Look for a live-in carer (Alexander’s vote)? I will be able to do very little to support her and Roger, but if I lodge a grocery order to be delivered on Sunday morning, I could add to it on Saturday evening after they arrive.


I’m reading The Towers of Trebizond, as you know. It’s good. I looked up Trebizond on Wikipedia this morning, but it wasn’t much help. There were lots of serious facts, but Rose Macaulay takes you there.


Wordle: Have we ever had such a stinker? I scraped home with a six, and was very grateful for it. It brought my new winning streak up to 50, and would have been one I would have been particularly sorry to lose.  Roger! Rachel! and Mark! all failed. The universal pattern was ???, grn. ???, ???, grn. I had no companions with my six: those who didn’t fail,  scored five.


  1. I also had 6 on Wordle today, and really thought I was going to lose. Stinker is a good word for it.

  2. 6 for me too. I'm taking amoxicillan too. A friend's doctor refers to it as 'domestos' because it 'kills all known germs'. It's wiped me out, never mind the effects of the chest infection itself. I can barely sequence the actions needed to successfully make a pot of tea. Still, I am improving slowly and hopefully you are too?
    Wordle in 6... just.
    (Can you still buy do Eston these days?)

    1. Ha! Reading back I can see I have repeated myself about wordle and not corrected the typo at the end; Eston should read domestos....

  3. =Tamar3:44 PM

    I had no idea amoxicillin was so exhausting. O wonder why it is.
    Congratulations on getting th ed wordle.

  4. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Drat this tablet. I swear it adds typos. "Th ed" is of course "the"