Friday, June 02, 2023


It has been another glorious day. I sat out on the step for a while, drinking in vitamin D through my grateful pores. I’ve got three more days – until Monday morning – of amoxicillin. I have no guarantee that I’ll feel better when it stops, although your comment yesterday, Kirsten, greatly encourages.


I’ve seen Helen briefly and from a distance. She seemed better than I expected. She is dealing with one of our problems: the question of whether mould in the neighbours’ little bathroom below our Downstairs Lavatory (which is not downstairs at all) – is somehow our fault. However, that is relatively trivial compared to the problem which reared its head only this morning: Daniela’s father-in-law is ill, and she is going home to Romania ON TUESDAY to help out FOR A MONTH. It has been proposed that I go to Cramond (the fancy nursing home where I spent a happy fortnight this time last year) so that they could take care of me and administer pre-operative physiotherapy, assuming I may have a hip operation in July. And do my hair and generally spruce me up.


It would make some sense. But what about my nasturtiums? and my cats? Helen absolutely refuses to take Paradox. I can’t leave her here on her own for a month or more. I can’t take her with me. I can’t turn her out into the street.


I’m making good headway with The Towers of Trebizond, but it is not quite as I remembered. More geography and history and theology, less story.


My sister and her husband are due here tomorrow. Tonight, they are with Alexander and Ketki on Loch Fyne.


Wordle: My starters served me well today, and  I scored an easy three. We were pretty evenly divided between threes and fours. My fellow-threes were Ketki, Mark and Thomas..


  1. I'll start praying about cats and nasturtiums. Being gently coddled at Cramond sounds perfect convalescence and preparation. Cat sitters? There are a number around who offer proper cat sitting including keeping them company for an hour so I've heard. Ask the vet?

  2. Neighbors or a professional cat sitter could work. They often take in the mail, play with the cats, scoop the boxes, and water the plants.

  3. A month of regular meals, no worries and a proper exercise regime would set you up. Let Helen solve the cat problem. Either a sitter or a cattery would do it.

  4. Mary Lou11:48 PM

    It does sound like you have several good options. Again, perhaps your sister and her husband can help you sort them through. And pet sitters abound, I'm sure. Today is so stinking hot and humid here that I got wordle quite easily!

  5. Anonymous1:57 AM

    Is one of your grandchildren based close enough that they could live in your flat and look after the cats while you are at Cramond? Archie? I agree that you should head to Cramond and have Helen figure out the cats. And best wishes to Daniela and to her FIL for a sound recovery.

    1. Anonymous1:58 AM

      (This is The Other Kristen, suddenly able to publish comments - I am on holiday/vacation so perhaps have lucked into a more friendly WiFi than the one at home.)

  6. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Perhaps a friend or acquaintance would fancy a month in Edinburgh, staying with the cats in exchange for using your home?

  7. Anonymous6:08 AM

    We have used them.
    Sarah in Manhattan

  8. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I vote for Cramond. Chloe

  9. =Tamar4:26 PM

    Hooray for sunshine. Even though it reached 92-F here yesterday.
    Cramond sounds appealing but yes, a cat sitter is necessary. It might be a good plan to investigate such services for post-op care as well.

  10. You will be sad to leave your flowers and of course your cat. We often used to have a sitter living in to look after the house and the cat also, it did take the worry away. I'm sure that Daniela will miss you too.

  11. Anonymous11:01 PM

    We have used Trusted House Sitters with great success. You pay a small fee to post your home and pet and the time you need a house/cat sitter. Sitters will apply for the job and you can interview them via Skype or FaceTime. You can read reviews. They come from all over the world. You pay them nothing. Most will be in frequent contact with you; posting photos of the pet and telling you what they are doing. Our ancient cat needed two types of medication and was a bit needy. The sitter was fabulous entertaining the cat and giving her the care she needed. Just a thought. They also take care of watering plants, bringing in the mail and generally being in the house while you are away.
    Sarah in Manhattan