Friday, March 30, 2007

Many, many thanks for everybody’s kind messages yesterday. I’ll never have a readership like the Harlot’s and am happier with my faithful few. We hover around 250 on weekdays.

Yesterday’s cultural outing was to Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow. It’s recently had a major overhaul and you never saw such a place for thematic arrangements, didacticism and noise. It’s also huge. They have a number of world-class paintings which we never even succeeded in finding, notably Whistler’s Portrait of Carlyle. Notably, I mean, among the ones we didn't see. We found some old favourites.

Nor did they seem to have any knitting to speak of, although it’s hard to say. I saw some pleasant socks from St Kilda in narrow dark and light stripes. They were made of “spun wool” said the label, without naming “knitting” as the process.

We are thinking Falkland Palace for today, but may be too exhausted to attempt it.


  1. It is difficult to find the paintings at the new Kelvingrove, isn't it? And particularly to find the one you're looking for. Especially if it doesn't fall into a theme.

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Hmm Falkland Palace is one of my favourite places. I took various nieces there over the years.

    I have an abiding memory of a guide saying that the spiral staircases were designed the other way round to normal, to facilitate the left-handed Stewarts' defence. Probably apocryphal, but living in Ireland left me with an appreciation of a good story, although it took a few years to get out of my fixation with facts.

    Tamar mentioned Rosslyn Chapel, a place I have never been (should I be ashamed to say so?) But my immediate response was "could be a good inspiration for knitting designs". Book idea: free, gratis and for nothing ;-)

  3. Jean, I was so impressed yesterday day to read that you had met one of the two original Princess's. Wee bit jealous too no doubt, but I now have another spot to put on my list of visits for my next trip across the pond. While I love to visit my Mom, often we end up just sitting around talking for a week before we depart for England to see my sister.
    I also have the Carnegie Museum on my list, its in Dunfermline, my moms' local town.
    I will follow your trail of places in hope that I find more I would like to visit, but the Carnegie and the Kelvingrove are two musts.