Sunday, March 04, 2007


We had an absolutely stunning lunar eclipse last night. I’ve never seen anything like it – and the whole show was on offer from our doorstep in Drummond Place. One of the newspaper articles in advance of the event said that the Crucifixion can be dated from such an event in Judea in 32 or 33 AD (authorities differ). I couldn’t find any mention of such a thing by flipping through a bible, or looking up “moon” in Cruden’s Concordance, but good old Google had no trouble: the reference is to Acts Chapter 2, St Peter’s sermon in which he quotes the prophet Joel about the moon turning to blood. There it was – I saw it last night.

Back to business…

Both packages of yarn turned up in the post.

After yesterday’s panic, it will be mildly interesting to see how long I can in fact knit on, on the Calcutta Cup ’06 sweater, before I have to tie in some new yarn. Two colours are down to their last few yards, but as it happens, neither of them is in play at the moment.

However, the big excitement of the day was the other package, the The Yarn Yard club March offering. It’s stunning – springtime expressed in yarn. My camera is probably capable of much better than this, but my photographic abilities don’t match.

What I want to do is get hold of some more, if I can – maybe some other club member is getting snowed under with unknit socks – and knit a Wallaby-type sweater for one of the little Miles boys, with the ribbing and the wallaby pouch in the solid colour. I measured the boys when we were last in London, and asked them what their favourite colours were.

Alas, I didn’t record the answers. One said “blue” and the other said “green”, in the tone of people producing any-old-answer under duress. I can’t remember which was which, but with this yarn it wouldn’t matter.

I can use the pattern I worked out for Fergus Drake of Thessaloniki a year or so ago. Fergus is five today – Happy Birthday, boy! The original was knit in Rowan 4ply Soft, and I think would translate perfectly.

So when are you going to have time to do that, Jean?


Jayne sent me this URL this morning: Don’t miss.


  1. Janet9:19 AM

    As you say, the lunar eclipse was absolutely stunning. I just kept running to the window every few minutes to watch progress and gaze in awe. Felt rather nervous though as my husband kept going outside and I was uneasy that our new cat might escape. Said new cat still has a couple more weeks of being restricted to the house.

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Despite a lot of anticipation and demonstrations for young people with flashlights and balls on a serenely clear Friday night, our eclipse was obscured last night by heavy cloud cover. I'm glad it was spectacular there. We'll have another chance to see one in August.

    It's delightful to watch Calcutta Cup unfold. I'll be interested in seeing the decreases when they are all finished. I like the wallaby, too. I buzzed through Rose's elephant swatch hat in short order, and now seem to be having mercury retrograde problems with the simple 2 color mittens I'm trying to make myself - broken needles, gauge miscalculations, tangled yarn after ripping out. Luckily we are moving cross town, which means I won't have a lot of knit time until after the astronomical alignment is more favorable.

    rosesmama in Baltimore

  3. I saw the blood red moon too last night, as I was out walking until 4AM with another scout. It was fascinating and a little bit scaring when everything was clad in thick fog, and the blood red moon...

    I will be looking forward to seeing Calcutta Cup again - and The Princess! My most favourite WIP on the whole internet ;-)