Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We’re planning to go to Strathardle today – back in place on Sunday, insh’Allah. Daffodils are everywhere in Edinburgh; I hope we’ve got one or two there, for my March calendar picture. The weather forecast is good. My seed order has arrived. The potatoes are chitting in the dining room, not far from the Calcutta Cup ’06 sweater.

I blocked it as hoped, yesterday, and that’s a final picture of it until we see it on Alexander. I got the bit of extra girth I wanted in the blocking. I’m really quite pleased. The whole fun of blocking is going to visit and enjoy the result from time to time as it lies on the dining room floor.

This is a picture of Sunday’s and Monday’s work, securing those ends.

Ron – and everybody who has left a kind comment – this kind of knitting is really easy, once you have mastered knitting continental with the left hand and English with the right, and weaving, where necessary, as you go. I can’t knit continental with only one yarn, for some reason; but with two, there’s nothing to it. I learned, mysteriously, in the 60’s, from Mary Thomas’ Knitting Book, which has instructions for the weaving process. I don’t carry floats over more than three stitches, usually only two. The result is very tight, and needs a largish needle in compensation.

Then last night – not what I said I’d do next – I cast on for a Wallaby for a little Miles boy, with the The Yarn Yard yarn that Natalie dyed for me specially. It’s nice to knit with. I got about an inch done, maybe less: I committed the Fatal Error of picking up the work at a very early stage and setting off in the wrong direction. I guess it can happen at any stage, at least with ribbing. The mistake has been frogged and redeemed.

The link in that paragraph is to her page of one-off yarns. I covet that brickwork-and-lichen combination, but I Must Be Strong.

My plan remains to alternate small-boy-Wallaby and Princess, once I get the former established.


This is exciting news, that Eunny is to be editor of IK. The Curmudgeon says that the present editor, Pam Allen, is going to Classic Elite as creative director. She’ll be lost to me, in that position, and I’m sorry to see her go. The same sort of thing happened to Nancy Thomas, I think – former editor of both VK and Knitter’s. Another great editor.

But I hugely look forward to the day when Eunny picks up the reins. She is a brilliant and meticulous designer.


  1. I, too, am thrilled that Eunny is set to display her talents on a larger stage. I realise my opinion doesn't carry much weight singly, but I'm sure I'm not the only knitter who thinks it's a very wise move on IK's part.

    Congrats on the jumper, Jean. It's always satisfying to get the finished result blocked, especially when the dimensions become more amenable.

  2. okay, Jean, this sentence cracked me up:
    "this kind of knitting is really easy, once you have mastered knitting continental with the left hand and English with the right, and weaving, where necessary, as you go"

    Well, yes, of course it would be easy then, just as motorcross jumping is easy once you've mastered jumping your bike 30 feet in the air and flipping your legs to one side and then the other while in motion. No problem ;) The sweater is gorgeous - beautifully done!

    I agree about Eunny. I think she will be a great benefit to IK, i just hope she still has some time to design.

  3. alice6:39 PM

    Oh, the Calcutta Cup sweater is just beautiful! Congratulations on your lovely work!
    I'm quite excited for the return of the Princess. :)

  4. lovely result, jean. and i love all the strands on the floor. a knitter's floor! i am a continental knitter and have no idea about the other way. the instructions for ssk for instance was a mystery for me as a continental knitter. the same goes for the instructions for short rows. but now i have figured out to do it the continental way. but maybe it would be an advantage to do both. one day.

  5. I was so excited when I read Eunny's blog that I nearly jumped out of my chair. She is one of my favorite designers. Your Calcutta Cup looks magnificent. I keep telling myself that one day I will be able to design my own fair isle, too.

  6. knittingkate2:34 AM

    Well done, what a beautiful jumper. I can't wait to see it being worn, it will look incredibly handsome : ) I know the feeling of being sidetracked on a project. I meant to start doing a knitted pants for my bub but got diverted to a shrug of simple pattern to be worn in hospital, which was quite cold last trip! At the rate I'm going I may need the shrug before bubs needs the pants...

  7. Jean, it has been such a pleasure and an inspiration watch the Calcutta Cup sweater grow. Absolutely lovely.


  8. knittingkate4:44 PM

    During a bizarre conversation, the subject of what exactly constitutes a Sassenach came up. Is it just the English, or is it the entire UK or is it the rest of the world? Or does a geographical line determine the 'membership'????