Friday, March 28, 2008

Husband definitely better. His diet advanced as far as scrambled eggs last night. I have been enjoying myself making interesting soups. The best so far was an apple-and-celery number which he was too ill to attempt on Wednesday. Watercress today, I think, and perhaps a vegetarian Scotch broth. And I want to pursue on-line recipes for beetroot soup. The ones I've got are too complicated.


Jayne, the Noro sock yarn is very tempting, for Thomas or anyone else, but I am held back by something I read in Knitter’s Review to the effect that a) the soft twist means that the yarn isn’t terribly strong, despite the admixture of acrylic; and b) it doesn’t feel quite right on the hands as one knits, and stitches are hard to pick up for the gusset. Maybe I’d better look around on Google and see if I can find some more first-hand reports. Fishwife, weren't you going to try it?

I knit him a pair of socks when he reached man’s estate. It must have been one of the German yarns, Regia or Socka. He’s 23 now, and was wearing them last weekend on Loch Fyne. They looked well-used, but they were hanging in there.

Barbara, how I envy you a two-month-old granddaughter and another on the way! The Dream in Color Tulip jacket or the Rocketry Baby Cardigan! I wish I’d known that Lorna was going to get a girl.

(And, Lorna, I wish I could think of the gansey workshop – but Monday will be devoted either to getting my husband ready to be left behind, if I go to Tuesday's funeral alone, or packing up both of us for the journey north.)


Now that I have identified the problem – the need to have people about when I knit – I think I may be able to transcend it. In any event, I finished the B,H,O and got as far as the wrist ribbing on the second sleeve of Theo’s gansey, so the end is firmly in sight. The neck is too big and has to be re-done, but that’s it.

When the day comes for the Great Photograph, I hope Theo will be able to tell his photographer to keep clicking, so that we can have a picture of Barack inspecting the initials as well as the statutory mutual-grin one.


  1. Yes, I'm going to try Noro socks but haven't quite got round to buying any of the yarn yet. I've got the SkipNorth yarn mountain to climb first!

  2. I have looked at the noro sock yarn and while the colors are amazing, it doesn't appear as if it would be hard wearing. Also, if memory serves me, it is hand wash only. So that could be a problem, depending on the recipient.

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Yes Jean, I share your concerns about the Noro sock yarn. I've made 2 orders and both times "removed" the order before the "check out" stage of the webpage. The colourways and modulation are wonderful but how about the texture? As you say, let's wait and see. Jayne

  4. grannypurple12:28 PM

    On the other hand, some have lauded it for scarves & shawls, because it's soft, and the long colour changes do well with lace...

  5. Hello Jean, best regards to your husband in hopes he is better soon.
    I knit a pair of Jaywalkers in the Noro sock yarn. I went down a needle size, so the fabric is very firm. I used Harmony needles, with their lovely pointy bits I had no problem picking up gusset stitches. The sock softened up very nicely after its first bath, and seems to be wearing well; I wear Dansko clogs and also run around the house on wood floors in my socks. It does run a bit thick & thin at times, so it requires paying attention whilst knitting. The colors are lovely, there are pictures on Ravelry and my blog of finished items.

  6. I love soup weather! We've finally had our autmun arrive and it's great to be able to get out the soup cauldron. We've had hot sour soup and leek & potato so far. We're heading for a weekend of vegetable & lentil soup shortly. Add a toasted cheese sandwich and all the ingredients are there for hibernation : )

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  8. On the Noro sock yarn- It doesn't seem particularly hard to knit. It does seem not soft- not scratchy, but hard, sort of. The colors are less entertaining in sock form than in sweater format. I think that is because with the sock, the color repeat goes on too long. Haven't washed, haven't worn, so I'll report back after that.

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  10. Jean -- remind us: what is Scotch broth? (soup)

  11. I've worked with the Noro sock yarn and was pleasantly surprised by how it softened up with use. It helped that I rewound the skein into a cake. It made it less harsh on the hands.

    It is more loosely twisted however and can't say how it will wear.