Sunday, July 17, 2016

I have had two more days of not bad, but not much. I have turned the final corner of the Hansel hap, and now face the final straight – attaching the edging, I mean.

I had an idea, the other night. I have been buying yarn recently with specific projects in mind, feeling that that is somehow more virtuous than random stash-enhancement. But that doesn’t mean I have to use the yarn for the project it was bought for, does it? Perhaps there was something from the EYF market which would do for the Uncia shawl?

And there is – two skeins of the Skein Queen’s merino and cashmere 4-ply, in a beautiful and very suitable shade called Blush. The Uncia is done in two skeins of Fyberspates 4-ply, 365 metres in a 100 gram skein. The Skein Queen yarn claims 400 metres to 100 grams – a wee margin of error for comfort. (I learned from my recent experience with the Neap Tide shawl that the fact that “4 ply” matches, so to speak, guarantees little or nothing. It is the metres-to-grams figure which is likely to be far more significant.)

I will be sorry not to experience Fyberspates, with which I have never knit, but I can’t have everything. Fyberspates will have to wait for another time. I’ve got to make a dent on those EYF purchases if I am to enjoy myself to the full next year.

The Skein Queen yarn was intended for your Bidwell Shawl, Mary Lou – something else I will have to come back to. Perhaps I can bring things full circle one day by knitting it in a Fyberspates yarn.

I have been enjoying the one-WIP-at-a-time experience, until I hit the current roadblock with the Hansel edging. But the Uncia and the half-brioche sweater could nevertheless be combined, once the sweater has been successfully re-established.

Another issue of The Knitter has turned up, rather soon after the first one, I feel, but none the less welcome for that. So Rowan has been sold! Why did nobody tell me? The new owner’s plans to simplify and strengthen the yarn list, sound sensible. Wait and see. And I read about the forthcoming Loch Ness Yarnerama. I wonder how that will fare? and hope it will be possible to find out. I may have to start Twittering.


Archie’s money-raising job is nearly over. He has had some success, but not much. Several men told him that they had had such a miserable time at school that they wouldn’t dream of donating.

He has agreed to take me for a Pokemon-Go walk on Tuesday.

Turkey: an extraordinary event, to end an extraordinary week. And now Baton Rouge, to launch what will surely be another one.

I have listened to and read and watched as much as I could about what has been happening in Turkey. Nobody has attempted to explain to me why more than 2000 judges have been arrested, although the fact is regularly repeated. 


  1. after a day of cnn and bbc and Obama's sad face, i am taking refuge in BLITHE SPIRIT on BBC Radio 4 (listen again) Roger Allam and Maggi Stead... i love both of them and its just what i need!

    ROWAN .omg finding lots of info in the Rowan Yarns group on Ravelry...

    sigh time for wine

    1. forgot to mention that i have personal ties to Baton Rouge. i am sick with all that they are going thru.

  2. A little Noel Coward might help this week - and knitting, of course. Jean I can't wait to hear how Pokemon Go works out. I haven't downloaded it, but it might be fun to try.

    1. I want to try it too. Yes, Jean, let us know

  3. My friend Julia and I are going to Wool Week then the Loch Ness event...I'll report our experiences in September!

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