Friday, July 08, 2016

Things have come to a pretty pass when I go into my LYS to buy a pack of point protectors, and Kathy knows I am buying them for the cat. Perdita is obsessed with point protectors, especially green ones. Kathy, happy woman, is going to Shetland Wool Week. I saw her Croft Hoose Hat and liked it a lot. One day I really ought to master corrugated ribbing.

I have little to report beyond a stitch or two of Hansel edging. Nursing was again difficult. I watched a bit of ladies’ tennis but tended to doze off. Tennis is really very soporific. I like the Williams sisters, who have always seemed to me somehow to suggest, when interviewed, that there is a life beyond tennis and that this whole thing is just slightly ridiculous. I’m sorry Venus is gone.

But today (men’s semi-finals) is undoubtedly a big day.

And we’ve heard from Susan Crawford about the progress of the ever-receding Vintage Shetland Project. Publication is still scheduled for mid-August. It hasn’t gone to the printer yet, and there remain “fiddly bits” to be tidied up. The tone is Slightly Harassed.


  1. What does Perdita do with the point protectors? She's not eating them is she?

  2. I heard Susan Crawford speak at the Knitting & Crochet Guild convention in Sheffield last week, I was so amazed and impressed with her work, and to hear about the forthcoming book. We were able to admire some of the garments too.